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  1. Please take your wife's advice and sell to pay off your house. For Litecoin can crash down to $20 like Charlie Lee said and there is no guarantee Litecoin will ever go up, as it's much slower and higher fees than DigiByte and CyberMiles and Cardano and EOS etc. etc. etc. Best to you and happy for your success though.

  2. this Marius guy blocks out anyone who criticizes him. All I did was like a tweet because I thought it was funny and I got blocked from his twitter account . I don't care just fyi. seems he is afraid of any criticism.

  3. I only follow this channel to hear the stupid shit you are going to say and predict. The bear market denial is remarkable. You are going to hurt a lot of people.

  4. Some of you need to keep the negativity to yourselves, if you don’t like the videos, don’t watch them, will you all thank him when his predictions come true ? If you can’t handle the losses you don’t deserve the gains… muppets

  5. This is a reason why i hate this kind of opinion in vlog sphere. You giving a preduction which is sounds strong. And after all you giving another prediction which is another shoot. You can be right but to be honest, everybody can predict bullish thing in next 2 months. But you should repeat thousands times that we can also have downtrend like in 2013.

  6. Dude, I love LTC & are holding LT, but we gotta get real with some of these videos. It's startin' to lose its effectiveness. It's been exactly 2 months & sorry, but you & your fellow LTC Youtubers clan are way off on this one. This stuff is unpredictable & could just to go about any way, up or down. It's anybody's guess at this point.

  7. I love reading all the Haters and Lovers comments. Look people, nobody here is a Financial Advisor. Everyone has an opinion and some like Joe make videos of their opinions. That`s it. Nobody "Knows" whats coming. If they did, they wouldn't here. They would be on some island enjoying life….. Remember, Don`t invest more than you are happy to lose. If you have Down too much already, well sit back relax and wait till the prices go up. Or…… take your loss and start again a little wiser next time…. But do not come on YouTube for Advice, only come here to see what others are saying that`s all. No Advice… Simple….

  8. What is it with all these predisctions by you and also by Clif? Since the banks moved in last year, NO prediction is right anylonger. And this one isn't either. We are now more than 75 days into this LTC prediction and LTC is still at the lowest value since a very, very long time. Charlie Lee is not honest either. Around christmas he sold all of his LTC, with the explanation that he did not want to be accused of anything when LTC would moon. But it never mooned. On the contrary: LTC dropped almost 70 percent just after Lee cashed in, while telling the world LTC the complete opposite. He even said on Twitter around that same time that "soon" LTC would have some great surprises. They never came, unless that criminal meant that LTC would go down completely. LTC IS A SHIT-coin…..

  9. Having read some of the comments below, I find it absolutely hilarious how accurate the Wall Street cheat chart turns out to be. When Litecoin surges, many of you will bail when the price reaches your break even point as cryptos climb a wall of worry. Joe has made money with cryptos and he's trying to help others by sharing what he's doing for free. You have to admit, this is pretty good entertainment for the price. No shit, I've rarely seen so many negative comments and it's even more hilarious that even though you folks think the way you do, you're still watching these videos for "advice". This is just too funny.

  10. Hey jsnip4 , This is how we know the market is ready to move up , when Market sentiment is at its low! From all the comments i read , It seems Very Low !! Keep doing what you do , there are many people that really enjoy you videos and Efforts.

  11. LTC will be $1000 one day, i believe by next halving, but not in 60 days. We would have to have like 500 million a day be put into LTC for it to be $1000 in 60 days. MAYBE a new ATH in 60 days, but i can bet all my own LTC that it won't reach 1k in that amount of time. That type of growth is very unhealthy for the coin. It would just be followed by a ton of big whales dumping to buy it back 5x lower.

  12. To be fair it is now 5 months later. And I hear my father speak of all these insane prices of $2,000-$20,000. By the end of the year. I bought into litecoin at $150 and after that yes it went skyrocketing to $300+…. So I had faith in this market…. Now for the last 7 month's I've really been pounding myself. Is this the actual market that I should invest my money being how it is so volatile? Did I just loose out on a lot of money trusting in people again. With this get away from decentralized banking? But for all of you that got scared and sold your take in this big opportunity lost money. Obviously never looked how the Dollar has really lost it's face value in the last 40+ years. This is the start of a new currency. And it has not taken off cause not everyone in the whole world knows about it… Watch how the tides change when people start to realize what and how cryptocurrencies work. You that sold your shares will be beating yourself up worse than I've been.. For everyone that has not sold your shares or your coin. Don't…. I repeat do not…. This is the beginning of a new era. And you will thank yourself later when these cryptocurrencies explode. Yeah maybe it won't be this year. It might not he next year but in the next 5 years it will happen… And if not maybe it will at least be more than what I bought into it and still make a little more bang for my buck. Just hold on to your cryptocurrencies.

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