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  1. Stella is an excellent choice! I like the Japanese and Mexican beers too … Sapporo … Sol. Best had with sushi or Al Pastor tacos. And not to be a drip … but there are literally billions on the planet currently who don't know what a warm shower is. Excellent work, Dan! Learned a shit-ton from you already! Let it continue!

  2. I feel ya. When I was 14 my dad, mom, siblings and I built a cabin in the Black Hills SD using hand tools. We had no running water or electricity. We'd live there sometimes up to 6 months out of the year. And when we'd go back to living in our more modern house on the other side of the state I remember how strange it was to flip on a light switch or see a TV as if seeing it for the first time. I actually enjoyed the simpler life. That freedom has stuck with me throughout adulthood as a foundation for life. Great video. Keep up the good work.

  3. Btc is down because stupid people think it will go up. Smart people hype up btc so stupid people can sell their alts to chase btc gains. But then the smart people dump btc on their head to bring down the entire market. Smart people want to kill off crypto market and this is such an easy way to do it

  4. Trading crypto to oblivion…
    Someone said how fun is to trade 'imaginary' assets and making profits on the real World…
    Most cryptos are not video game tokens, but they have innovative solutions to real World problems… instead of supporting that we are stacking in stocks of social media and fake companies or gold, that once is in a vault is total useless.
    So yea… short, trade, sell high or low, make a mockery of this industry, if dies we can always buy peanuts…

  5. Hey Dan. You're being the face of a financial community is refreshing. It's similar to Bitcoin…is what the world needs 😉 And the level of details of your own trades and mindset are unique. Have a great day!

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