Is cryptocurrency mining dying? While cryptocurrency remains in a bear market, the profitability of crypto mining continues to decrease. Bitmain has sold over ten ASIC miners in 2018 and only a few models currently create a profit above one dollar a day factoring the average US electric rate of 12c / kWh.

Today VoskCoin reviews his mining farm and how it has changed dramatically over the course of the last year, just last year with 30,000 sols the VoskCoin mining farm was earning 1 Zcash every 2 days in comparison to today that would take more than 10 days AND ZCASH IS WORTH LESS NOW?!

Nvidia GTX 1080 TI remains a top mining GPU –
AMD Rx570 continue to be a top mining GPU –

VoskCoin August 2017 30,000 Sol ZEC Mining Farm Update

Coinbase is planning to add Ethereum Classic –
Bitmain Antminer L3+ worthless* on eBay –
Bitmain Antminer Official Online Shop –
What To Mine ASIC Mining Profit Calculator –

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  1. Hi. I mnie BTCZ. If you don't know this project yet it's worth to have a look. Asic resistant community coin. For every gpu user to mine. My strategy is mine couple of millions and wait for btc to get new ath then I'll go up. Even if it get to $1 you will be ok😁

  2. Haven't watched your vids in a bit but its always good to see you evolving through the bear market and to see a healthy Tails! Thanks for the great info and ideas. Keep em coming.

  3. Mining follows price. Price does not follow mining (and the cost of mining). As price goes down, the # of players in the mining world goes down. That is a rule that is not broken.
    Those who keep saying that BTC cannot see sub $5K because of mining costs do not understand this law of crypto – a law that has been announced by prominent figures such as Richard Hart, etc.

    Only the strong and those with cheap electricity will survive mining. For the rest of us, it's much more profitable to buy coins. (I sold $50K of equipment for… let's just say much less, and am holding that money for sub $5K btc and then will buy alts with it like Nuls, PRL, Poly, Onion and a few others like XMR, ADA. I assume I'll more than get my money back in this way as opposed to having paper weights. I had mostly asics and was stupid for buying equipment when btc was going meteoric).

  4. Done with GPU mining and mining in general, one 6 GPUs left to sell. Wont ever buy an ASIC as I've come to realize the only true winners in this will be the company selling the hardware. Just sitting on my (nearly 1 years worth of) mined crypto till it goes way up to where i want then selling.

  5. i pay .14c i thought i was paying less since my bill didnt make sense but i stopped mining 8months ago. i was making only 20 bucks a month if that and thats when the market was even higher then now so im glad i stopped and need to sell my 4 card rig off. 2 1060s 2 1070

  6. I only have one 6 card rx580 8gb rig. I just switched it to ETC like 2 weeks ago. I'm hoping to see ETC crush it when it hits Coinbase. But only time will tell. I lost a private key with well over 500 BTC in that wallet address. I bought most of the BTC in early 2010. And it was just sitting there till 2013 when my computers were taken from me by a bunch of crazy law enforcement over a bag of mushrooms lol. I can't even imagine where I would be right now if I still had that notepad file with my key in it. I swear I gave myself an ulcer trying to figure out how to restore my wallet. Just to realize it's gone for good. But it's a password protected zip file. Good luck figuring that one out piggies!!! You don't even know what you got lol.

  7. @VoskCoin i would like to know where do u get them little cases? At 4:18 in this video u have a little rig i need something of that size. U have a part number where i can order that online? Thanks man love your videos!!

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