Now that the dust has settled from the cryptocurrency bubble that we witnessed in December 2017 and january 2018, we can look back at that time to reflect on the signs and red flags that were out there which would have suggested that we were in the midst of a speculative mania.

By doing this, we can figure out what to look for as we had into the next bubble that will occur, and what signs we can look out for that might suggest that it’s a good time to lock in some profits and sell a portion of our portfolio.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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  1. Good indicators. More: Plays of ICO review videos compared to subscriber numbers. Number of retired crypto youtubers making daily videos again. Many new crypto youtubers every day. Engagement inn the typical ICO shill Telegram groups (in some of the biggest ICO groups, you could hardly read all messages in the past, while now there are 10-20 minute gaps).

  2. I love these types of videos that you do that lean towards social psychology, super interesting and they make a lot of sense. The crypto space seems to be sooo driven by emotion and understandably so

  3. Louis, there may be no next bubble. There is a finite number of fools in this world and propably vast majority of fools invested, lost and will never invest again. You practically never analyze fundamentals (these are extremaly weak) and in the end the only argument for you and your community is "just wait, it always went up".

  4. Interesting, thanks. RAP part amused me & rang a bell, I was back into fullon Metal during the run up, reverted to Ambient Trance now – really, lol.

  5. sample size of experience n = 1…how to draw any information out of a sample that smal. Next time (if there is) the bubble would be determined by different moves because diffeent players are involved.

  6. Yeah good points, I think a better way to weather the storm is to invest in cryptos that actually have something/infrastructure that will be there after, also undervalued cryptos would be best, IMHO something that currently fits that is ALQO they are super undervalued because of they busy building their exchange and missed a few small deadlines, great time to pick up a distressed asset.

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