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  1. You say ",many alts may go to zero and never recover." But what will I do without my Ripple? This coin is like $0.38! Hasn't been that low since pre-December 2017. And yet, I still won't but it just yet. Go figure.

  2. Thank your for all your video and post! Would you mind doing a video on what you mean alts are going to zero or provide me a link I can read up on. I have been slaughtered in a bunch of positions and really don’t know what I should do or wait it out

  3. I heard what you just said. Listen… Please, in the sincerest request I can make… If you could do a video soon that lists just some of the top 200 coins from coin market cap that you think have broken market structure (or are in danger of breaking it) and probably will not survive, that would be the best video you have ever made. You could save us all a TON of money. I for one, do not want to have a single penny invested into a coin that is not going to bounce back from this dangerous 3000-4400 BTC bottom. Why should any of us give away all our cash to the big boys. We are all poor. We need to hold on to the small amount of capital that we have. Thank you very much for all that you do. This channel and tradecryptolive are the only ones that I have found on youtube that truly know what they are talking about! bravo !!!!

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