Psychic Utsava accurately predicted again Digibyte’s and Salt’s performances. Learn what she says about Bitcoin’s future and the right strategy. Where is this cryptocurrency market going? Utsava is world famous for accurate psychic predictions and prophecies.

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A couple of highlights of past predictions that happened:

-Donald Trump will be elected president

-Scandal with McMaster, Security advisor, last year, which has surfaced two weeks later, and that he will be forced out the following year because he is an operative to the Deep state.

-I predicted that car bombs/bomb attacks will be the next way how the Deep state will attack the United states. A few weeks later we had the series of attacks.

-Volcanic eruption on the west coast of the United States in 2018, predicted in 2017.

-Bitcoin and other financial market dips we had in January 2018.

-Wanchain, Ontology, Yoyow, Quantstamp and several other coins, they multiplied in recent months I recommended.

-0x, BAT,Etherium classic, Z cash I highly recommended and they are going to be added to Coinbase. They have gained momentum recently.

-I predicted that Salt would fail when it was $ 15 and repeatedly confirmed it. It is traded right now at $ 1 and their CEO just quit. It does not look good for Salt.

-I suggested when Bitcoin hit $ 9500 in May profit-taking and foreseen that the market would go down further and there would be a ‘rocky road’ ahead. After this Bitcoin will go up slowly.I predicted further market dips while everyone thought we had rallies coming. A lot of people expected $ 4000 Bitcoin again in 2018. I predicted this won’t happen and the Bitcoin bottom at $ 6000. A lot of people have thanked me for great investment decisions, as they prevented major losses and gained momentum thanks to these and many more accurate psychic predictions. Psychic predictions should have approx. a 80% accuracy rate.


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  1. Yeah, I got taken to the cleaners with salt! Totally pumped and dumped! You're right, if it's a good coin with solid value it will not be tanking like that.

  2. Hi Utsava, bitcoin is now free falling to $6k. You said its bottom is about $6.8k in your video. Not trying to discredit your prediction as I know it is impossible to be 100%. Do you see it dipping below $6k and $5k now? Thanks!

  3. according to your last video on youtube, by end of the year BTC will hit between $11k and 14k right? i just want to reconfirm.

    may i know which coins are in your 1st list and 2nd list? please list them down here. i would appreciate it. i am holding some DGB, ADA, TRON, ETC, LTC and DENT.

    Thank you very much.

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