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  1. Nice to see you finally agree with me on LTC spot on all rest of TA but for awhile you have been bullish short term on LTC with no valid reason to break trend. Why I have been saying 50-60 LTC bearish in short term. Long term way way different. The Blue chip LTC is a sleeping giant & will explode. 1k to 3k very possible long term very bullish. Luv ya man luv this channel I spread the luv of this channel on other chats. Trust me when it comes to my TA. I have 14 years in economics, market research, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, basic analysis. & review how bots effect the market vs human emotion. FUD/FOMO

  2. 8 month down turn and another large dump today. How to remain positive in a long term crashing market is beyond my comprehension. All gains today wiped out in one swift dump. Double bottoms triple bottoms it all has no meaning in this market with the constant price and volume declines.When large institutions came into this market and pumped it Dec. 2017 and then crashed it and continue to crash it. This was our swan song. As usual large institutions move into a small emerging market…bull in a china cabinet. (more like a bear) Well he did say he expected it to break down and it did but again says it will go up to USD100.00….lets see what he knows its all a guesstimate and he states he is not a financial advisor.

  3. Your yellow resistance band on Litecoin is in the wrong place it broke that a while back. You need to move here and yellow line below those last few ridges and support levels.

  4. This is simple everyone stop selling don't sell at any price the big money is trying to get in as cheaply as possible or they're already in and just trying to pick up as much as possible it's greed just don't sell sit hold

  5. Institutions are in control of retail investors’ fear. Take a chill and breath slow. Holding out until 2nd- early 3rd week of December will make you feel like a ninja. Eat ramen in the mean time and don’t sell! You will be so mad if you do. They’re waiting until after black Friday drains your bank and you liquidate- that’s when they buy in bulk because they can. Staying power is paramount!!! Steady

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