The SEC decided to postpone a decision on the Bitcoin ETF for 45 days. The crypto community did not take this news well, with the market dipping almost 10% as a response. In this video I ask a very important question.. do we even need the Bitcoin ETF.

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


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  1. Normal people that they don‘t invest any assets, don‘t know what etf is! But it is actually good for all of us because all these good projects will be much more interesting with btc etf!

  2. So…. bitcoin…. Freedom from the governments…. yeah!!!!! Oh but please say we are O.K……… ehhh all they need to do is see that tether is tether… keep the cash in an account… bitcoin being the gateway to true unlimited potential of technology…. blockchain…. ehhhhh …. A.I……… yes that is blockchain……. and those with the key… bitcoin…. cabbage…..

  3. There is other uses… but the biggest… A.I…. well in my thoughts… yes the entirety of the nets… should be decentralised… well … let’s see how slow the worlds hamsters run on the wheels in their brains…. maybe if Facebook doesn’t fry em.. it really is just time…

  4. beg to disagree. ETF would mean large investment funds entering the market, but for them to get into it, SEC would need to be assured there is no market manipulation. As most of exchanges are outside of the US, and/or are unregulated, there is no guarantee there is no market spoofing, wash trading and spying on private stop loss orders on long/short leverages. To have that, SEC would approve it only after being sure there is no market manipulation.. they will be sure regarding it only after NYSE starts its own cryptocurrency exchange, which will happen in November. ETFs will follow after that.
    I could also take a deep dive into statement of 'good money' and 'pyramid scheme', but that would take much longer.. in general, I would disagree with it

  5. Michael, I don't know anybody who is selling their crypto, they're all Hodling. So who really is destroying the crypto markets? It's not a bit of bad news. It smacks of Wall St & the futures market. These guys are not selling for best price. They are smashing the market hard in order to kill it. Crypto currencies are not like normal currency markets where governments & reserve banks keep an eye on things. If the volume is low it gets forced down. This seems far too intentional & vicious to be a bit of fud.

  6. I never considered whether an ETF exists for my fiat, however I still dedicated 40+ hours a week to get some. It is all about perspective. I was excited about the philosophy behind BitCoin – and it's existence independent of the institutions. Now, we are crippled by institutions. Who exactly is in this market and why? Is an ETF required to help 'bank' citizens in developing countries?

  7. Smashed the like. We need to go to zero to get rid off the speculators 😉 . On the other hand we need a speculative market to add some value to store en restore fiat money from financial institutions decentralized.

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