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  1. I wish this crash would have happened a few months ago…like from 400b to 220 billion… i would have loaded up…unfortunately i ran out of fiat from buying dips months ago…i remember running to buy when it was $220…chilling is my only option now…

  2. we need everyone into crypto…if only strong people stay the market can't ever grow or the adoption of this tech…. hopefully the big dogs will stop f@@king with market soon…

  3. Here's something to keep in mind. During the bull run of late 2013, LTC reached a high of $52. It then fell to just $1.25 during the following bear market. Much more severe than bitcoin. Was it because of the MT Gox hack or just a normal market cycle? Either way, it can go lower.

  4. My game plan is to forget how many thousands Im down and use this as an opportunity to pick up more coins. Every bounce Im selling then waiting for the market to pull back(crash) and go back in and pick up more coins. Instead of adding more money and cost avg down, this is a better way in my opinion to preserve without adding more cash. I was able to pick up more coin from this. Forget about how much your down,look at this as an opportunity to get more coins. The more coins you have without adding more $€£¥₩, the more upside potential down the road. The fact that we didnt break $60 is a good sign. Of course,I dont want to jinx anything. Lol

  5. I like how youre in this to the very end. Diehard, much respect. Of course we all know anyone witj over 100 LTC will be filthy stankin rich in 5 years but still, its ugly rite now and it feels like we're all in the digital trenches together. Keep up the good work!

  6. Fingers crossed that the Bitcoin $6000 'Hoffman Line' holds ( after analyst Andy Hoffman) refers to SEC 100 billion dollar market cap for large institutions! Either way I'm not selling! Need to keep some reserves outside of the bankrupt fractional reserve banking system in case if 2008 style collapse!

    Next 'round' of Litecoin and Bitcoin halvings begins 2019 – continues into 2020 – mining reward is halved leading to less new Litecoin and Bitcoin entering the market leading to upward pressure on price. Last 2015 Litecoin halving signified the beginnings of 2015 – 2017 price surge!"

  7. Remember folks, it's all very volatile now. Being oversold. But this with only a few % of active participation. The moment the world wants to join we will be glad we didn't sell.

  8. "… a bear market is a price decline of 20% or more over at least a two-month period… Once a market enters correction or bear market territory, it isn't considered to have exited that territory until a NEW HIGH is REACHED."

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