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  1. It will be interesting to see whether the 'Hoffman Line' holds or is breached! Refers to analyst Andy Hoffman and $6000 Bitcoin and 100 billion dollar market cap required by SEC for large institutions!

    See comment below from Ssm59 from a previous Adam Meister show!

    A bit more generational knowledge coming at you. I have more than a decade on Andy he is dead straight about the hundred billion dollar market cap. While his insight In the crypto space is remarkable, the idea actually goes back to Peter Lynch in his 1989 book “One up on Wall Street”. In the book Lynch explains that amateur investors have a distinct advantage over institutional firms due to the fiduciary limits imposed by the SEC. Most companies that achieve Fortune 500 status are only available for the large investment houses in the final phases of their initial growth curve. The individual investor has the chance get in and ride the curve from below micro-cap all the way up making far better returns than the professional traders. BTC is the first financial instrument that anyone, be it a kid with lemonade stand money, a college student with some part time income, or a retiree with some left over from their social security, can invest at the ground floor. This must have goaded the big boys to no end. For the first time in history, they were closed out while John Q. Public could get in at the ground floor that used to be reserved for VC’s. Now that BTC is finally available to them there is no way they will let it slip below the floor. Since they were cut out of the rise to $100B, they will use their financial power to pump and dump in a effort to shake out the weak hands gathering as much as they can at minimum prices while jumping in to keep the market cap stable. Regardless of when you got in, this ride is just starting. Hang on and ride the curve baby

  2. Dont expect any gains until after the first of the year …This "thing" is doing exactly what it should be doing…After this pull back, BTC and LTC will shine like you won't believe… I think we still have some down trend ahead of us but…Its time to accumulate!! After this, you will never see BTC or LTC this low again….Ever… If you ever thought about owning a full BTC or a lot of LTC..This is it.

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