Litecoin had some cool news today, Jesus Coin? Cryptocurrency continues to stay under 250 billion global market cap.

Litecoin Article below:

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  1. Banking the unbanked by getting them access to the blockchain using the knowledge that most people have a cell phone…shouldn't your headline say something about ETN? That is the crypto doing exactly that.

  2. I think this is great news! I've just had Coinbase close my account for some unknown reason, and as I was already feeling like they are behaving like another bank, something like this news has made me feel a whole lot better about where this is going. I believe we need to focus on what is being adopted to stay strong and know that we are still moving forward. Use this time to accumulate our coins at a great price and sit tight. This is a massive shake down to try and scare weak hands. There are only 21 million Bitcoin and 84 million Litecoin available. We need to make sure we have a good stake in those coins as this really is a chance in a life time to not only be a part of a new way of life, but to have a chance to change our lives for the better. Imagine if you could own 84 Litecoin, which is more achievable with this bear market, you would be one in a million and the whales know this 😉

  3. hell yeah that phone sounds like it will be great for mass adoption i need to know who to see about getting pay with ltc put in a restaurant man ive talked the owner into it if it isnt alot of trouble

  4. Hi Tyler. I'm still around and not to go too far off topic, but I am, my son was killed last week and I'm just trying to cope. Just checking in. Thanks for the updates. Btw, no guns were involved.

  5. This market is really not that big when looking at it compared to the traditional markets so to drive it up or down for a true whale or a few whales is doable and I think on some level we maybe seeing that as there is no real reason for the better coins are getting crushed. I would not be upset to see the true $hit coins disappear as that is good for the market and needs to happen to make it more legitimate. We do not need the bad players and scams because in the long run that will hurt all of us. If this bear market or shake out eliminates the junk then it is a good thing and it also gives us all better entry point on the quality coins

  6. This should not be overlooked. There’s also tons of people who buy BTC directly through the cash app. I hope they make LTC available there, too. There’s tons of ‘casual’ money coming in which could help cryptos

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