Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto News Today: Bitcoin has been falling for several days now. Where is the bottom? Will $5,777 hold? I’ll use technical analysis in this video to try to figure out if Bitcoin can reach $5k or not. Also, Ethereum is crashing massively right now, could we have seen this coming? Are people capitulating right now in the altcoin market? Watch my Ethereum analysis to find out!

0:56 Inverse H&S Failed
2:04 Bear Flags
2:46 EMA Ribbon
4:40 Lower Lows = Bearish
7:22 RSI & Stoch RSI
8:24 BTC To $5,000?
11:01 Altcoins Dying??


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  1. Now is the time to put in your buy orders below 6000. If you buy at 5500 and it goes lower don’t despair. This is not a get rich quick strategy. I have a high amount of confidence that 2019 we will see a bull run.

  2. SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL. The pattern is clear: breaking supports is an assured thing. Bounces gave bulls hopes and some tried to average out the price only to have more losses. As long as the shorts are 100 times less than the HODL's this will continue to go down. Don't look at the short chart and expect a short squeeze. You have to look at the shorts vs the long chart, and the ratio is 100 to 1 in favor of the bulls, so you know it will not go up to reward the 100 at the expense of 1, it will go for the path of least resistance which is to reward the 1 at the expense of the 100. The bounces are just shorts closing their positions for a profit, but the bounces fade away and more shorts rewarded in the way down.

  3. Hello Carl, In a recent interview I watch Vitalik and he said: "If you think about BTC complete about %80 and ETH is only complete about %30…" Which means I believe all altcoins except BTC and ETH is complete about %0-10 percent… people just taking money from %0-10 finished projects to Defend %80 completed Castle which is BTC… and I believe %99 of coins will be wiped out to "0" after this event… btw im hodl'ing ETH and I'm cool with the %30 finished project… peace…

  4. Bitcoin again bounce.
    I feel Like Manipulation is done to hold 6k Level, even every high was lower and rsi is Not falling lower.
    I think they dont want a 4k price, But if you Look at daily this Support looks weak now and other cryptos reached lower lows Like in a normal down Trend.
    Of course the bounce since 6k could be a other failed Bull try But Look at it
    We had no problems falling from 8.5k to 6k and we are not really oversold as much and everybidy avoid long Positions and still we Go up.
    2 days or so price went up and Fall below this in 2 Minutes in a sideway
    IT was 22 gtm.
    They wanted to manipulate people to buy But failed and now they will put in more money.
    Theese Manipulations are not costly they can even earn Money with long Positions that generate New buyers cause of break Ing ressistance
    Just in moment the up now is unrealistic after anorher drop But now IT looks Like divergency, higher rsi Low, lower price due to buying at below 6k.

  5. And STILL the 'Hoffman Line' holds…….. – $100 market cap preferred by large institutions! Every day brings us closer to the day when 'shorts' must buy back and repay 'borrowed' Bitcoin…..with interest! Squeaky bum time for 'short sellers'?

  6. RSI, STOCHASTIC RSI, and MACD shows clearly we still have lows and a bit more time Shorts will be completely wiped out.

    So I say sometime in September we should expect some sort of small rally.

  7. Great vid Carl – Cheers for sharing !!! 🙂
    Yeah man, I thought the carnage was already over – I never saw this level of destruction coming either !!! hardcore tankage !!! 🙂 not completely rekt yet, but not looking that great either… !!! mmm… !!! 🙂

  8. Carl I've read that last month or so ETH isn't profitable to be mining. What level does BTC have to reach before miners will pause or stop due to cost/difficulty? If that would occur I could see value drop beyond anything anyone has predicted.

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