1. There is positive news everywhere about crypto, this is coming, that is coming, Bitcoin will be that price like 200k plus, yet the market never seems to reflect the great news, it goes to a certain price, then it gets knocked off, if the SEC cannot see the market is being played with they are either blind or are happy it happens because they are doing nothing to stop it, toothless tiger.

  2. It’s been a while since I posted. What are your thoughts on the market in regards to Mt. Gox? Apparently they are opening claims to investors for the month of September for compensation. About 130-180k BTC to be redeemed. I guess my point is depending on how they provide that compensation, we could see another large dip in the market. Hopefully the last before the bulls come inbound. BTW, keep up the good work my man.

  3. Great video Patrick love the group of course. Love vechain and it just keeps killing it. Definitely a token to hodl and be ready for it to rocket. Crypto will eventually capture a fraction of the market out there and with trillions of market cap we will see tokens soar to new levels for sure.

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