Baltimore, MD- I am proud to present an international super panel for this week’s show. Caitlin Long, Andy Hoffman, and Farzam Ehsani are here to talk about Bitcoin financialization, South Africa, Wyoming, institutional investment, and much more! Strong hand!

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  1. The entire industry is a joke! There is no such thing as "Decentralized" just blowing smoke. Each and every token and coin has huge bag holders! WHALES. They are created thru pre- mine, private sales, pre- sales, accredited investor only requirements, restricted participation according to place of citizenship, unfair mining practices etc.. When the industry decides to get serious let me know! The technology is not the issue. Also, for those of you who accept the self ordained authorities to tax and regulate this so called decentralized system are just plain ignorant! I need not even mention the fools who believe and are touting that institutional participation is a great thing! WOW, astounding. I will venture into the world of keys and who controls the codes as the true and ultimate super powers of crypto at a later date! I have been in this industry for 4 years 6 months and just continue to be amazed how easy it is for the whales to extract fiat from the masses!

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