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  2. Eth POS hell no. My coin is staking yes POS proof of stake not mining on this specific coin but im gaining interest meas staking.Underdog coin but the visa platform is working. Like you said patrict by them low i did price last december was 60 bucks all alt coins i noticed on the same price back january drops to cents lol. This coin i have holds good value. And and the max supply is very limited

  3. wow! good news.I also believe tha bitcoin will rule all currency .crypto being adopted by PSG, Amazon Deal and John predicting that 1Btc will be equal to 1million dollars.Well for me and my Pro trader, we believe that there is so much grow for bitcoin in the future. Sadly only a few of the world population have adopted crypto currency.I just started trading bitcoin 3month ago and with the help of Walter Aarav, i have been able to trade succesfully, having 18 BTC in my wallet.Truth be told i had no idea of what bitcoins was or even how to trade ,complied with so much doubt and fear to take a risk,but after several contact with Walter Aarav , his regular signals, strategies and timely Alert i have been able to make very good money for myself, all from the initial 2btc i invested,there by increasing my bitcoin portfolio.If you have fears of your trade or have no idea of what crypto trading is all about, i would advice you seek help and guidance so that you dont lose your money.Reach him on *Email/hangout WALTERTRADING12@GMAIL. COM or via telegram: + 1 3237766410 and thank me later? as for me i can't wait for the bull run to come…Cheers everyone and Goodluck and lets wait for the bullrun

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