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Naomi Brockwell has been a bitcoin advocate and evangelist since 2013. She was policy associate at the New York Bitcoin Center from 2013-2015, producer for the 2015 feature documentary Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It (Best International Documentary, Anthem Film Festival; Winner of Special Jury Prize, Amsterdam Film Festival), and has been making videos educating people about Bitcoin since 2013. She emcees at least 20 blockchain conferences a year, is co-author of the children’s book “Billy’s Bitcoin”, and hosts the show “Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Technologies of our Future”. She is a producer for Stossel, and a producer for the blockchain sci-fi TV series HardFork.

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  1. I guess the biggest problem bitcoin has is that it seems too complicated for the average human. And some just have the lack of interest in it. Ironically, the enthusiasm of people who are into bitcoin, and crypto currency in general, are a huge turn off for many, because it almost looks like a cult to some, which then again gives crypto currency a "shady look".
    Also, not everyone can afford to invest in a way where it'd make sense.

  2. She's a trip… she was getting angry when he inquired about Cadbury eggs.. Like she was annoyed that he should know more about a UK based chocolate company. I could tell she was calling him an ignorant American with her eyes..

  3. Lol @ all these people who are "passionate about bitcoin". They just want the money they don't really understand the technology. The only people who are really passionate about bitcoin are the technicians.

  4. I'm curious, does this girl have any actual technical or financial understanding of Bitcoin, or is her view on it all just based on a feeling she has? She claims it's amazing technology, but does she actually understand it?

  5. there wont be any personal property and your right to use stuff or participate in stuff will depend on your value, which is formulated digitally but, unlike money, can not be given away. unlike access rights, your value is not fixed onto specific objects and objects may change so that your value may or may not grant you as much access tomorrow. you will own some basic things like food, clothing, a kite or skateboard, a container to have privacy in, but not the place to place it on. you will not pay for those things. they will be granted to you freely, but on occasion or conditionally, like a reward. people gain their value by working for any of the many ways by which the value of society is generated, that serves people. the main difference between value and a currency is perhaps that it can have unlimited attributes, it is not a linear number at all. if you have proven that you have, for example, some scientific value, you are granted access to all kinds of knowledge or similar. if you have proven social & economic & ecological value, you get access to opportunities of political participation. you always have access to opportunities to earn value, there is plenty of opportunity, since more or less anyone can generate such opportunities, for example you get value by helping anyone. participate in some gardening work & you get ecological value. you must love all aspects of society, then all doors of society are open to you. if you are quite egocentric and useless, you just get bare bone survival & comfort, probably some basic entertainment and the fine company of other egocentric people who don't value your derogatory advice. i am totally making this up tho 😀

  6. bitcoin is a volatile piece of trash investment and only soyboys and rookie investors would buy any of it. it’s value is going up because of the fact that it is in the news. a bitcoin has no actual value and isn’t backed by any government.

  7. She doesn't sound like an expert or well knowledgeable about bitcoin. More like a new amateur speculative investor plus some liberal ideals. Serious investors in crypto space are about 10x more "expert" on bitcoin.

    I will answer some questions. Bill gates won't launch an mining operation because it's too risky on a large scale.. It's too expensive to actually mine a bitcoin at the moment. And bitcoin basically is a store of data on blockchain. Government can absolutely regulate crypto and do regulate crypto to varying degrees in each different country. Crypto is not a anti establishment asset anymore. Most of the investors see it as a new age investment vehicle and possibly the future of technology. They believe blockchain will revolutionize the world. I believe 80% of the world is crypto friendly now and it's gonna improve. It has very much gone mainstream. Mass adoption is near.

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