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Bitcoin attempted to break out yesterday. At the moment, it seems that this will end up being another failed Bitcoin breakout, but is that failure permanent? We’ll discuss that and more in today’s video.

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  1. These one time 5 min candle spikes are a test…maybe to make bull traps…checking to see if people are going to FOMO in…like I did…..damn…hahahha.Not until we break one way or another will I be trading any large lots. Thank you again for your videos and work.

  2. If SEC need to justify BTCs price and observe 'less volatility', a bull break is unlikely until after an ETF is approved. It is no coincidence that BTC price is being 'kept' around this level. It negates two key points of contention raised by the SEC regarding past ETF approvals… This 'level' can be correlated to BTC mining costs (in an effort to satisfy the SEC) and volatility is the lowest it has been in months. If BTC goes up, [they] will pull it back. Similarly if BTC goes down [they] will push it back up. Once the ETF is approved, it is a completely different playing field. Until then, I wait!

  3. Thanks Jebb and yes i bought sone BTC in this zone… really think we re going up from here and don t think we re gonna drop below 6000. Getting my SL in position and waiting for the CLASH!!!

  4. The 6666.6 stable coin 🙂 … it doesn't get better… :-/ Maybe when people get their x-mas gratification they will buy some crypto? Let's promote that: "buy some crypto for your loved ones – it's the money of the future!!" 😀

  5. I think it’s just gonna take a bit of time to come back from this down trend. I think it’s just put a downer on people but as long as we stay above now it’ll happen in time. Especially approaching November. Bakkt will be the big catalyst to kick it off again

  6. There are two possible healthy uptrend formation. (1) Strong uptrend formation is first break down, then bounce back immediately, that would be a clear trend. (2) second uptrend is a big green engulfing candle with huge volume from this resistance line. if it move up without a capitulation down (or green engulfing candle up), any time it will fall.

  7. You can draw an ascending triangle for btc and etherum and you don t have a break down yet. It can explain the lack of follow through, still in the triangle waiting for resolution down or up

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