$138,000 – $300,000 Bitcoin during the next bull run.

Topic List & Time Stamps:
• WHEN will the next Bull Run be? (Time Forecast) (0:40-)
• HOW HIGH will the prices go??? (Price Forecast) (6:03-)
• Other Cryptocurrencies (Altcoin Prediction) (10:41-)

One variable may affect this: How will FEES on the BTC network affect the price reaching these levels? Lightning network will most likely NOT be widely adopted enough to alleviate the congestion by this time.

We’re still totally on track, and how we are still perfectly forming a bowl shape (show graphs and past drawing with the line through it). Same prediction as before. Here is a low-ball, conservative, rough guestimation of what we’ll MINIMALLY see next price surge:

BITCOIN (BTC) price over $138,000
BITCOIN CASH price over $10,000
ETHEREUM (ETH) price over $4,000
EOS (EOS) price over $114
CARDANO (ADA) price over $1.70

Again, this is a VERY ROUGH guess of what we’ll see. Obviously each coin will vary according to what the market values it at.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video are strictly my own and are not to be construed as trading advice. Do not buy, sell or otherwise trade cryptocurrency based on the content of this video. I am merely sharing what I have done and what I would do in various situations as an educational tool only.

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  1. I think that you can't go off of the graph.. the futures market and segwit and all the manipulation will keep bitcoin down.. forever.. (well. until the manipulation stops, which is when the dollar's debt comes home to roost). ….You have to go cryptos that have better fundamentals.. My 2 recommendations are EOS and Bitcoin cash..these have real applications and advocates that will spread their acceptance) and get some physical gold and silver.. all others will die with the dollar..

  2. He's missing a major variable that will effect price and timing… BAAKT will allow Institutional Investors to feel safe in buying Bitcoin and if a physically settled Bitcoin ETF gets approved if will double maybe triple the amount of money BAAKT will bring in.

    The smart money is buying and holding some Bitcoin NOW. I rather own at least $1000 worth of Bitcoin and risk it going to zero, than to not own any Bitcoin and watch it's price fly to $500K seemingly over night one day, and I believe that day is in the not to distant future.

  3. Hi. Speaking about prices, it is very very sad to see that crypo markets have already inherited some of the worst features of traditional financial markets like, for an example, prices manipulation…

  4. @10:30 Pretty ignorant statement there regarding the core dev team.. This code has never been written before and there is a lot at stake now given the market cap of BTC. Vitallic wanted to rush and attempt smart contracts into bitcoin but was discouraged by the core dev team. Thanks goodness for the wisdom they showed here, look what happened to ethereum near its beginning and imagine if that had happened to BTC, we would have lost the ability to refer to our chain as immutable forever. Soon we will have rootstock (smart contract functionality) as a sidechain, with 1000's of tx/sec and if there's any issue, the main chain if unaffected. You already know about Lightning , potentially millions of tx/sec without risking the security of the main chain. I don't wish to be offensive and i like your content/style but saying that core devs are delaying or being lazy or even purposefully trying to stall development is utterly moronic and is the same position that twat ver is taking. Rushing too fast is idiotic and may destroy the entire project, think about it before declaring to your viewers that the core dev team is dragging their feet with upgrades. Also don't forget, the big blocker crowd essentially stalled segwit for a year because they wanted to centralize control and mining into their corporate hands. Would you argue with your surgeon about how they should perform your operation? Of course you wouldn't, so don't try and tell experienced computer scientists how they should write code. You have no idea what you're talking about.

  5. lol. Crypto has become a total joke. I doubt BTC will even reach $10K again because the idea of hodling has been destroyed by the never ending manipulation. This video is just clickbait bullshit.

  6. There's 1 other cycle your not taking into account which is very important. It's the bull and bear cycles of the DOW. The volatility in the S&P, DOW and the TRAN is indicating that this historic bull run we have all been seeing the last 10years is possibly nearing its end. This will impact bitcoin either positively or negatively and although bull and bear cycles work with the same laws, they are never exactly the same.

  7. great analogy however there are, I think more catalyst that could speed up the cycle or not who knows but your time is interesting when comparing to other bullish dates. What would your dates be if BAKKT and ETF come into play? I would really like to know your thoughts on this cheers!

  8. Good stuff. Fun to watch. Concerning increased fees — it won't matter much to some people because fees will essentially be scaling up with the price of the bitcoin. At least….that's my thought.

  9. Thanks for the education. I enjoy your videos very much as they are filled with many interesting nuggets of knowledge and your razor sharp insight. Keep up the excellent program you offer. The world appreciates it.

  10. Nice analysis but I think the first two bulls runs might be the same one! Also it seems more than a coincidence that the halvings preceed the bull runs so the next bull run may have a longer consolidation period. Can't really see why there is a bull run at all if its not caused by a fall in supply caused by the halving – therefore it should sych with the next one in 2020.

  11. The cryptocurrency sector is in a different space compared to previous bull runs. I think we are taking a huge risk assuming history will repeat this time. Many people were seriously injured and won't be coming back.

  12. Nice analyses and sounds fantastic, but what if the stock market crashes and/or the enormous dept bubble collapses (as predicted by some/many people) between now and 2020 ?? Are you then still that optimistic ?

  13. Great video and analysis. Good to see some people look further into the future then a few hours or so. Also tired of hearing about ETF this or that.
    Thanks for the positive attitude and all the great videos.

  14. I agree. 54k is the next fib level in the sequence.

    100k will indeed be surpassed. .01 BTC will be worth millions one day

    Most of these people commenting fail to see the forest through the trees and just learned what bitcoin was this year.

    Fundamental innovation will always trump your ignorant fear. 🤷🏽‍♂️ (generally speaking)

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