Bitcoin haters continue to pour out of the woodwork, so in this video we talk about who these people are, and why they want Bitcoin to fail so much.

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  1. The people that want crypto to fail I think don't really know what it is and haven't done enough research. I meet so many people that think it's all a scam and pyramid schemes. The really don't understand the tech.
    Thanks for the vids Dan

  2. Cognitive dissonance. A lot of people don't have the ability to choose what they learn, and especially implement their learning's. 9-5's usually never help with liberating anyone from anything. Breaks them down until they get enough courage to go somewhere else to get broke down again. Stuck with their fiduciary duties.

  3. It's the same thing that happened to Guttenberg, Henry Ford, and the Wright Brothers. Fear of the future and an aversion to a societal change will bring out the non-believers….soon, they will be nothing more than flat Earthers and Moon landing conspiracy theorists….

  4. Consider my answer conspiracy theory 🙂 roubini said worst than north korea. His last name sounds more of indian man selling curry 🙂 ( im filipino/amerixan) then why north korea is not on the list ? and india in what list? while you can see great country burried in debt why hate on BTC coz they cant control it. I never know about future bet but Dan thanx for making me unders stand how bull chit is futures on your other video. 21 million btc can turn into 63 million btc on SEC futures approvall. Now thats scam. Thanx again Dan on great video more power my brother from another mother 🙂

  5. Best quote from Dan of this video starting at 2:35 and ending at 2:45 with "So… I'll just leave it there. I think that says, that says enough joining CNN Money."
    There are so many haters because their eyes are closed, and their blinders are on, and they are consumed and being fed lies by mainstream media.
    Great Video!

  6. When you surround yourself with crypto it becomes really easy to forget that the vast majority of the world doesn't give a shit about any altcoins. Whatever opinion the public currently has on Bitcoin doesn't really matter- only the fact that they have an opinion on it. Bitcoin well known (relatively) and has a proven record of facilitating value transfer for nearly a decade; that's where it's value is imo.

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