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Ethereum is about to make a decision and it is going to happen on the charts, the only source of technical data. We should be aware of the current stage and judge based on data, that is what this video does. How do you see Ethereum and the current market ?

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  1. Thank you, Ether its looking very positive! I don't think that it will be toppled by another smart contract platform anytime soon. There are so many brilliant projects built on Ethereum. The currency is very oversold at the moment.

  2. No sellers and no buyers… Only a big move will start off the selling or buying… As the stock market is going through a correction today cryptocurrency has not moved. Are we going to see a delayed reaction tomorrow if stock market has another big sell off day? I know there has been a lot of talk about how when the stock market crashes crypto will take off. I just don't see logic in it. Why would people shift money into even riskier investments? Most people will probably buy gold, CDs, bonds and possibly hoard cash for later.

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