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The lack of a major Bitcoin breakout after getting above a major Bitcoin resistance level a few days ago is very telling for the Bitcoin market. In this video, we’ll discuss this lack of dramatic Bitcoin price action, and do some longer term Bitcoin technical analysis.

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  1. Your trend line isn't correct because you're using Bitfinex. Bitfinex uses USDT which has been sub $1 for a while now, which in turn affects the price of BTC. Use a different exchange chart that trades against USD not Tether.

  2. Bytecoin down 20% which you refer to – but no information why… you should commentate reasons on things (big moves) like this if you reference them in the first place.
    I think it's because of Binance delist… I don't hold any Bytecoin, don't follow it closely.

  3. Hi Jebb,
    I was going to ask about trading examples/ tutorials in the course, as ultimately that’s what the gaining of knowledge is for in this case. So that’s great to hear you have some examples. Regards Alan

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