In no way shape or form do we give any Financial advice. Please do not take anything we say to be Financial advice. If Financial advice is sought. I would personally seek my financial advisor.

I want to help as many people as humanly possible.To learning absolutely as much as humanly possible about the markets and cryptocurrency. It would be my absolute honor to educate and help as many people understand my personal research as much as I do. Anyone who is interested in learning how to buy sell and trade can now get it for free in the link below.

Our patreon group.
Thank you for everybody support.
I’m feeling very optimistic about the future.


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  1. Hi Benjamin,
    I e-mailed you back about my the details for the usename for the Telegram page. Could you get back to me about how to get onto the trade rooms or see the Patreon only content before the next trade room on friday. hThanks Vince.

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