Bitcoin and the crypto market just dumped and crashed? Why?
Tune in and find out and have a drink with me!

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  1. great content! keep it coming! TA is always looking at the past even at that very moment your looking at it. Crypto is so much more than that!! every time there is a ban or some regulation change there is a RESET in TA!

  2. i see some people with Tee's saying "Buy the Dips" in bitcoin, shouldn't they be jumping up and down and BUYING RIGHT NOW on the years biggest dip@ $6100…this is a great price for BTC!! yes 5000 is better but if you consider that it will be at 30K next year THIS IS THE TIME TO BUY!!!

  3. Thanks for holding this session. In Australia, your late night is our mid day. When you are investing in crypto, you should not be too emotional. If you let fear drive you, you will certainly lose!

  4. That's funny, you say TA is BS but also say $6K is the bottom. So what's you basis for saying $6K if not TA ? Btw $6K is certainly no bottom, that's a very ignorant statement. Please educate yourself before you try to educate others.

  5. BTC has dropped because there is not enough buying support to consume the sellers… this is fact. There is no reason to think it will come right back. There is more reason that it will continue to sell off… lemmings

  6. What a cuck… yea drink beer and launch a video telling everybody it will snap back to black. You do not know shit. You have no clue how BTC will trade in the coming days or weeks. THAT IS FACT

  7. I bought some earlier today before the great dip lol I'm holding off until tomorrow to see if the stock markets rebound. If they continue to fall so will crypto. It could touch 5 k. That would be major buy in for me

  8. I agree with you mate, 6K is the bottom. I am getting sick of idiots that post panick/FUD videos every time we correct a few percent, stating that "OMG we are going to 3K and OMG the world has ended". It is getting repetative and boring to listen to most videos these days and the pussy cats that panick every drop should sell thier coins and invest in Gold.

  9. One thing I do not agree with is putting 50% in BTC. The time to do that has already passed. BTC is an old, slow and expensive tech, that is struggling to keep up with the Blockchain advancements. Once fiat to crypto pairing is widespread, there will be no real life use case for BTC, apart from pure speculation that it will hit 1 million USD. Therefore, the volume will tank.   XRP does everything 100 times better and will be the mass adopted coin. During the next bull run it is obvious that some of the alts will 10X before BTC can even 3X, so investing in BTC is a bad move and you will earn much less. I agree putting in BTC maybe after your alts have gone up to new ATH, then maybe cash out and put some in BTC, or put in a stable coin if you think the market may crash again.


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