Do you want to hear honest thoughts on Litecoin (LTC)? Litecoin is a cryptocurrency aimed at being peer-to-peer cash. Does Litecoin (LTC) have a chance?


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  1. Mate! Love your channel. I am planning to visit Columbia to learn Spanish. Is it easy to spend or convert Bitcoins or other cryptos to the local currencies? In the Philippines, I have been living off my Bitcoins as I was able to withdraw from cash from ATMs. Thanks!

  2. Hum, I think there are some very smart people working on the Litecoin Network. I’m not discounting it just yet! Plus 84 milllion coins? That has a deflationary quality in my opinion that may help its value. Just my 1 cent worth:-) great series man!

  3. Litecoin is notorious for dev offline and then later merged to github, so you need to do more research. Also, you're missing the fact that most of the dev on github occurs on alternate trees, not the main tree version of litecoin. Take a look on github activity under other trees. Third, all you really need to do is dive into research around what payment processors and merchant processors are adopting. Hint: its not EOS. As great as EOS may be for some purposes, payments is not it. Security is not it. Immutability is not it. Trust is not it. Also, litecoin is the settlement coin for decentralized platforms like Abra. Either way as you know, crypto coins are not absolute. Some may fade, others may win out. But thought i'd correct some of the misleading points in your video. Love your channel! Thanks

  4. Harsh but fair, i don't hold any litecoin but actually the only time i've purchased crypto for fiat this year was litecoin, i only wanted to spend a tiny amount and LTC represented the best value. And LTC has some merit as a base pair, not every shitcoin commands 1 satoshi.

  5. I’m worried about LTC as well. Charlie basically sold out and followed up by dropping the ball on Litepay even admitting that the proper due diligence was not done. I mean who does that. The guy even recently said just by BTC and stay away from the rest of the sh*t coins.

  6. You are biased with EOS. Litecoin has the lighting network that will be implemented. You did not go to the Litecoin summit. Check your facts first. BTW, I own EOS.

  7. I agree man…LTC was my gateway crypto after BTC…after Mr.Lees comments etc. I dumped most for EOS..I love/hate the learning curve that EOS has because average investors can’t wrap their mind around it..LTC fan boys are crazy..once lightning network is established I’m not sure what you would need LTC for??🤷‍♂️ good thoughts Dallas

  8. Litecoin is far more recognized than Eos, far more decentralized than Eos, and aims to only solve role as a currency unlike Eos and Litecoin is Deflationary Unlike Eos.. That said, if Eos gets the adoption it is advertising, it may be better suited as a currency….

  9. We are still in the beginning of this whole entire system being built! What things are today, is not how they will be a year or two down the road! The peer to peer system is not widely adopted and hardly anybody in crypto is actually using them! I believe Litecoin is going to be huge in time! Thanks for the vid, always good to hear other peoples input!

  10. Credit cards cost merchants a percentage per each transaction but it is baked in, and Litecoins only goal is to provide people with a hard digital money option that fits all the properties of a decentralized real money. EOS is great but their scope is so broad and difficult to understand for most people… if the average joe doesn't get it how will my parents and grandparents? And mining is fundamental to real money… EOS just created centralized coins which is fine but I think it makes it a fiat currency or security

  11. I see a lot of value in Litecoin for several reason. One is that it's mining hashing rate is the 2nd or 3rd highest and unlike BCH the miners are scattered all around the world. Two Litecoin always seems get newer tech before Bitcoin does. Three Litecoin has been running smoothly since October 2011 and it's security continues to get stronger and stronger.

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