NANO Vs. Ripple’s XRP – Deposit Speed Test Is Performed Via Binance Exchange

Japanese Venture Capital Invests into Omise to Expand OmiseGO and GO.Exchange


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  1. My EX was from Calf, living in au. I still laugh when I hear you guys say "rooting" for your team.
    It has a different meaning in au. My ex mother inlaw would ask me, who I "root" for? I use to say myself and your daughter.

  2. Hey, dont write off that bitcoin yet. There is so much missing crypto that its just a matter of time before someone comes up with a way around it for a percentage of the treasure. As long as wallet addresses are kept its a possibility down the line. Once regulation comes in there will be a mechanism for dealing with future lost keys. After that they will work on the recovery of whats already been lost. Obviously it will be heavily regulated to stop random people getting in to other peoples wallets willy nilly.

  3. "…………….. sometimes, more often than not ….. I feel like I am living inside a life where I believe and expect this to be a real opportunity to be lucky and end up being rich. The other part of me can’t believe this!!! It’s hard to believe in full, the future I have with my hard worked for dedication in researching, commitment and belief in this new life I see as the future of our world…… I hope I’m not alone with these thoughts 😇

  4. Hey hey hey … welcome back! Awesome info as always. ❤❤❤

    I had to rewind your video 3x to make sure I heard it right. What?? You are a Dodgers fan?? You know how we Bay Area folks feels about the L.A. Dodgers. 😕💔

  5. Right now, the Chinese media is reporting a much different story, saying that the alleged partnership is just about a purchase involving the platform’s cloud computing. On Twitter, cnLedger posted about this agreement over a series of posts, reporting the information available from ODaily.
    Assuming the below is accurate, this deserves to be called out as misleading marketing. If I buy a computer with Microsoft Windows installed, I should not claim to have partnered with Microsoft without clarifying the limited nature of the ‘partnership.’

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