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  1. Hey man no need to promote yourself so heavily. When you talk about it 3 to 4 times per video every video it gets pretty annoying just some construct criticism

  2. Everybody are so stupid, this guy only wants to change him life, with your money.
    The only objective of every videos is to get more subscribers, nothing else.
    If you want to be someone good and change the life of people, you don't ask to paye son Much money for that.
    Some very good analysts are able to win a lot a money, and they offer the strategy for free because they don't need anymore money.
    But if you do this Kind of videos, for sur it's because you need money, because your strategy is not so good as you said.
    I can bet anything you want, if you take the class, you don't have any chance to change your life, you only give your money to him lol..

  3. That's great news, Steve. You must both be thrilled. Congratulations 🎊 and mazel tov.
    Another great video. You keep finding key points to tell us and I'm loving it. So glad I found you.

  4. I completely agree with you, I started investing in crypto last year and I went down the drain until I found a comment on YouTube about Frank. I didn't hesitate to contact him, I traded with him and went from having 4Btc to 18Btc. Thanks to everybody who posted about Frank, you are all part of my Success Story. Edge comes from information flow, the ability to correct your habits in terms of the market's characteristics and being able to learn from people who know more than you, expand your information network and take recommendations. It’s no news that Mr Frank has been helping so many of us out here with new working strategies to trade our Bitcoin. You can contact him via email at {} Telegram +1 904-428-8349 or WhatsApp +1 631-858-4903 seek his guidance

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