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I would like to focus on one thing today, something that has the potential for one cryptocurrency project to eat a quarter of the Internet.

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Within the last 24 hours, something called SteemPress 2.0 was launched.

SteemPress is a WordPress plugin that provides a two way integration between the Steem blockchain and a WordPress blog.

In fact the Forbes website is built using WordPress as stated in this article by a Forbes contributor:

The Wikipedia article for WordPress quotes statistics from April 2018 such as 30% of the top 10 million websites are built using WordPress.

This is perfect timing on the back of my blog post from yesterday where I asked why Gab left such a hole in their technology system.

You can check their website right now Gab.ai

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  1. While it sounds great in concept, I worry about the kind of behaviour that would emerge as a result of incentivising likes. Would you get lots of click-baity articles, would the comment section just be a bunch of like-whoring plebs, would people just plaigarise other popular content, etc etc. I really like the idea of a merit based award system, but I'm not sure likes are the best method of accomplishing that.

    Happy to be proven wrong though!

  2. Gab was used to fuel hateful groups and inspire a mass murder of innocent elderly Jews in their place of worship. Social media censorship is a fine line, but I suggest you be more sensitive to the reason gab is now offline.

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