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Goldman Sachs is Signing up Customers for its Bitcoin Trading Product: Report

Dash Launches Text-Based Crypto Payment Service in Venezuela

First OmiseGO dApp Aims to Disrupt Traditional Video Games

IOTA Foundation Announces Integration with Ledger Hardware Wallet for Secure Storage and User Access of IOTA Tokens

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

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  1. Fifth of november is guy fawkes night (bonfire night) here in the uk, its a commemoration to remember the gunpower plot (11/05/1605) in which guy fawkes was found under the house of lords planning to blow it up, to celebrate the fact the king survived people lit binfires around london and the tradition stemed from there.

  2. 5 November 2018 is day trump will start very strong sanctions on Iran oil..this will create panic in third world countries by not getting Iranian oil..Iranian CURRENCY will start to go downward..fear will create in Iranian public and world..this fear will create panic to convert their paper CURRENCY into bitcoin…same as BREXIT…..may be on 11 November 2018 world stock start to collapse..this money will also come in bitcoin and altcoin…

  3. Remember, remember!

    The fifth of November,

    The Gunpowder treason and plot;

    I know of no reason

    Why the Gunpowder treason

    Should ever be forgot!

    Guy Fawkes and his companions

    Did the scheme contrive,

    To blow the King and Parliament

    All up alive.

    Threescore barrels, laid below,

    To prove old England's overthrow.

    But, by God's providence, him they catch,

    With a dark lantern, lighting a match!

    A stick and a stake

    For King James's sake!

    If you won't give me one,

    I'll take two,

    The better for me,

    And the worse for you.

    A rope, a rope, to hang the Pope,

    A penn'orth of cheese to choke him,

    A pint of beer to wash it down,

    And a jolly good fire to burn him.

    Holloa, boys! holloa, boys! make the bells ring!

    Holloa, boys! holloa boys! God save the King!

    Hip, hip, hooor-r-r-ray!

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