A Ripple XRP and Bitcoin bullrun is being predicted by wall street crypto hedge fund CEO Mike Novogratz.

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  1. 8 cents isn't a surge in price.. $3-$5 is a surge in price. and last year's BTC bullrun was NOT driven by retailers.. It was done by the banking cartel to drive the price up so they should spend a year shorting it..

  2. Go xrp. Passed ETH yet again. It'll hold #2 steadily very soon I'm sure. & once we get real time FULL INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS come in. Xrp will be #1 for the forsee able future. U didnt talk to fast 2 me bro. All good. 589 & beyond. Xrp baby. Let's get it fam!

  3. for 45 years banks have been doing very well with a centralized Swift. But the problem lies elsewhere: XRP is only used by banks. But the token is tradable on public exchanges. This is pointless, because I personally have no need for ripple, except for speculative purposes.

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