We talk about cryptocurrency all the time, but do you know the history of this digital phenomenon? Trinity Chavez breaks down the history of Bitcoin and how far it’s come.

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  1. Now I Love Cardano… check out Cardano it’s a Great blockchain Project.. for more go to SugarZeus Crypto channel.. I ain’t the best Crypto YouTuber but I got courage.. lol 💪😂

  2. Crypto is the future, but if you think for a second that governments are going to adopt a publicly hashed crypto you are all very naive. The more popular you make crypto, the closer governments come to adopting it, the closer your public crypto comes to being worthless. Also, your precious currency has none of its value coming from actually being used as a currency, aka its a fraud.

  3. its a Ponzi Scheme. it peeked at 20k last year and has never picked up more than 8k ever since. just another Bubble.

    Blockchain is the tool the Bankers want to facilitate their digital Ponzi Fiat Scheme

  4. Everything is well done except the part about Ross and Silk Road. The police involved in the arrest were arrested for corruption of evidence and yet Ross is still in jail. He was not a drug kingpin, merely getting a cut from sales online, like Amazon or Ebay

  5. Don't know much about Bitcoin except the 'Ceo' that ripped off millions. So this is the question I have, most Banking institutions are covered by FDIC, (I'm sure other countries have their version), so does Bitcoin provide the same type of assurance, especially since it's becoming easier to hack into computer systems these days.
    Trinity looks damn fine in glasses.

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