Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis November 25 2018 Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis 2018 Bitcoin price prediction. Bitcoin price technical analysis Bitcoin Price Trading Technical Analysis. Ripple coin price analysis. Ripple price prediction. Ripple technical analysis. Bitcoin Crash. Bitcoin Bubble Bitcoin price prediction 2018.

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  1. This is brutal but if you can afford not to sell don't.If you joined the crypto movement in 2017 you should know that Now is one of the most Lucrative opportunity to grab and get Rich, and if you are Newer to the space, This fall in price will probably be the most lucrative opportunity you will ever encounter in the entire history of Crypto. You should never be scared of a Bear Market, In a bear market you learn to trade as a bear and in a bull market you trade as a Bull , we are in a Natural Correcting Market , my goal is to take advantage of the entire Channel if it hits bottom, in 2008 when the financial market collapsed , people became millionaires playing the short end, right now there are many that are profiting and prospering in these conditions. There are two types of traders” Those that do the LOOSING and those that do the WINNING, I prefer to be Winning, shout out to my Coach ROY MORGAN who has taught me well enough to survive these hard times. in a Bubble, people have False Euphoria and false hope, and the only people crying are the loosing Traders ,I feel more pity for Hodlers because all they do is fold hands and wait for a miracle to happen,It’s either you Survive through trading or Die Holding.Trading Is the only way out Now, why we wait on the better days ahead of us, to get more info about My Coach on his mail ( ) /Telegram Number +1-631-706-4129 He has a pattern you can use to generate consistent profits

  2. Can't believe we came this far but I actually agree with your potential target of 1300-1800. If you told me this number just a month ago I'd probably call you an idiot. The thing that just doesn't get into my head is how the hell did we go through 4000 so easily? It should have been one of the strongest support. I guess this means we are not even near the bottom, otherwise we would already have some kind of bounce. I'm in huge loses already and I really don't care if I lose it all at the end. I'm not selling even if it drops bellow 1000.

  3. Could you also take a look at GBTC.
    You have been consistance and sticked to your 4k BTC.
    Eth gonna go much much lower. I was thinking about 70, but could just drop pass 70, if btc goes below 2800.
    People wont believe eth will be under 20. If it does, we could see Ltc under 5, Neo under 1.5, Eos 0.75, and most of the ERC20 will worth under a 0.05.

  4. A hodler should view his position as a bet and invest accordingly, that is to be willing to lose it all in the hope of hitting the jackpot.
    A trader should be willing to learn from their losses and view it as a investment in their tuition.

  5. All i know is Bitcoin will rise insanely high soon and now is the best time to invest in bitcoin
    Lost half my portfolio due to the fall in price of bitcoin,watched some videos on here and came
    across Trader Josephine Raymond,she helped me get 12BTC just by investing 2BTC in two
    weeks,you can contact her on to know more about her winning strategies

  6. Bitcoin Cash SV is fork of a fork of Bitcoin, only few days old and now trading at $108. This is 10 times enterprise value (market cap) of Bitcoin Diamond which is 1 year old. It is a mathematical certainty, Bitcoin Diamond will explode in price by 10 fold to match Bitcoin Cash SV very soon. Why? Bitcoin Diamond is the only crypto that has e commerce Amazon store. It will announce partnership with big organisations to will shake the e commerce and crypto world. Chinese rushing to buy BCD last 4 days.

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