Max Keiser predicts a $100k BTC, but says we won’t live to see it… Could $ADA actually be the next Coinbase coin? Wall Street manipulation continues, VanEck meets with SEC over Bitcoin ETF, PayPal WARNING ⚠️ OKEx delists more cryptos, 7.6M $ETH moved, crypto news, and more!

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0:01 Bear Market vs Crypto Influencers
0:29 Markets: WAVES 📈
2:03 What’s you sh*tcoin name?
2:41 Worst month for BTC in 7 months:
3:42 Opinions:
4:57 Max Keiser interview:
7:23 ETF meets with SEC:
9:11 BTC price not correlated with futures?
10:15 Media loves crypto crashes:
11:04 Wallstreet is manipulating BTC:
11:42 Employees who left Goldman Sachs:
12:18 US interest on debt is insane!
13:45 Coinbase secretly adds PayPal:
14:43 Be careful with PayPal:
16:17 BTC is NOT anonymous:
16:45 7.6M ETH moved!
17:00 Ethereum (ETH) 1x:
18:24 Could Cardano (ADA) be next for Coinbase?
20:12 Matrix AI Network (MAN) EDF Partner:
21:29 OKEx delists more cryptos:
22:14 🤑 December airdrops:
22:36 Venezuela crypto update:
23:12 Shell and BP using blockchain!
23:28 😂 PUBG vs BTC:

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Is $BTC Still Worth It? Fidelity Adding MORE Cryptos?!? SEC Celebrity Crackdown! Deutsche Bank

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  1. Blockchain will be the downfall of the free, or those that wish to be free. The powers that be will be able to control your money, whether you can even trade or not. It's not private nor safe. I don't get how people cannot see this.

  2. All you have to do is watch the order books for a few minutes to find out everything you need to know about the market for the near term.

    KD, wrangle some coder interviews so retail investors can understand how old blockchain tech really is. ( not in a current project; whom has a vested interest in promotion ).

    Many of these experiments or theories are still only a first draft, and not near in its final form; and still yet very few even touch the real world as of yet, ( example: you stream from your home in 4k to my cell phone pretty good; all without a single blockchain ); just saying.

    .. We still have so far to go before people do more than store it, trade it, or send it back and fourth. I have only found a handful that I can actually build something on.


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  4. Can you please look into Telcoin. They are seriously making big move in South Asia and Africa. They have multiple POC agreements with Telecom operators and they just partnered with the Amazon of Africa, Jumia. This is going to be a really great project that is slowly creeping up and i want people to know this could make a real difference in the world and also bring the investors a big chunk of change.

  5. The U.S government put U.S in the trillion dollars debts, the billion dollars interests paid are practically insignificant to the debts they own. And the government accuse bitcoin is bad.

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