Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Tron puts the pressure on Ethereum, global environmental disaster, and Sirin Labs launches their phone.

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Tron Gaming Fund

Tron Privacy

Matrix AI

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Sirin Labs

Wildlife disaster


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  1. Such a great video, great to hear your views on the food wastage too. I actually ate a pork sausage on the plane recently because I thought if I don't eat it then this animal has died for nothing. It's a strange situation to be in when you are trying to cut out pork from your diet.

  2. Hey Lark I was wondering your thoughts on “The Third Industrial Revolution “ I think Jeremy Rifkin is extremely inciteful and forward thinking. He mentions decentralisation and a sharing energy economy and how the millennials need to take control to basically save the world. Anyway his passion reminds me of you and I just thought I’d mention it.

  3. We have to stop letting our parents and grandparents kill the planet out of negligent habit. Not wanting to change out of pure egotistical greed isn’t an option anymore. This planet matters more than any individual over the age of 40.

  4. Was it Mr Smith in the Matrix who scalded Neo and humans for being like a cancer to the world .I agreed with him .I recycle the tiniest of plastics and glass because i am kind of obsessed withe working on bigger tallies all the time.And you get others who throw all recycles into the general rubbish . If people were all transactions being validated in blocks it would be interesting especially if it was merrily done in positive light .
    Thanks for your interesting video , you throw different things in which we should all be discussing like earths desolation etc
    Also i was interested in sirin labs 7 months ago and bought in at 55c but soon sold when i found out HTC was doing the same ..a pity as it would have been a good deal for Sirin .

  5. If they only understood the mechanics of privacy currencies combined with VPN …………there is no such thing as cross border transactions, unless of course you volunteer the information………or am I missing something

  6. As if "Money laundering" is a problem that regular people need to stop. This is a racket they own – THEY are laundering money they made from Illegal Drug and Human trafficking – so keep your Chattel noses out of it and get back to your Public Welfare feedbags. Good cows! "Moooooooo!"

  7. You have a lot of followers Lark, become a politician. Fight for what you believe in. Problem I see is that I am sure many politicians had good intentions when they started off . I am sure they went from save the Orangutan to screw the Orangutan I want more hookers and a bigger jet.

  8. In the meantime Cocos BCX is launching their own private blockchain and the first 2 public chains supported will be ETH and NEO , man when that Tron bubble pops it will be epic x)

  9. I have to congratulate you on spreading awareness such a understandable way thet the people spacely new people in the space rally get the point of decentralised blockchain and the need for it. Thank you and long live the blockchain! ; )

  10. You're not going to convince mass amounts of people to stop eating meat. The best hope in reality is lab grown meat. If it can be made efficiently it's an obvious choice. The same can be said for other animal products, such as ivory. If we could grow 10 meter long chunks of ivory in a factory, why would poachers have a market anymore?

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