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  1. background music is distracting when you are trying to pay attention to spoken word. It only fits when the spoken word is in timing with the background music such as poems or rap. Just my opinion.

  2. I kind of disagree with non STO tokens being left in the dust. I might have it wrong, but from what I read, the market is still way to young. There is a very good reason why a group of techs immediately. Humans always over indulge especially when we populate more. When these regulations are at the limit of keeping performance at bay, they are going to realize that having a global network for the technology to adapt too for more performance and power is going to be needed.

    But yeah BTC ETF was doomed, Steemit is apparently toxic and that led them to the ground which is why more people uses medium. Wall Street will always try to dominate the world lol.

  3. My past personal prediction very close to yours based on research. I believe we wont see ETF anytime soon and we won’t see institutional money any time soon but eventually in few years we might.. Thanks again for your hard work!

  4. Fact: 💥BTC Real Price?💥
    Lamont Black – a former economist at the Federal Board of Governors and a finance professor at DePaul University – explained to The Washington Examiner what it was that caused Bitcoin’s price to swell in 2017:

    Over the last year, bitcoin has traded like a high-risk, high-return asset class. Investors drove up the price of bitcoin [in 2017] based on the speculation of future returns. Now, bitcoin has returned closer to historic levels. The price of bitcoin in early 2017 was only $1,000. I don’t think it would be unreasonable to return to that level before stabilizing.

    Lamont predicts that while bitcoin is likely to survive its present ordeal and reign supreme in the crypto space, it could drop an additional 75 percent before it finally bottoms out.

    How Did This Occur?
    Adding to the hype is the ongoing debate of what could have caused Bitcoin to fall so suddenly. A big instigator, according to University of Texas finance professor John Griffin, is Bitcoin’s alleged ties to the tether stable currency, which he documents in a report released last June.

    The document alleges that every time Bitcoin’s price fell by even a slight margin in 2017, Tether was used to purchase additional BTC to potentially push its price back up. Griffin says this manipulation is what primarily caused Bitcoin to spike to nearly $20,000 last December.

    He comments:

    Tether printing is behind the substantial manipulative increase… Other related manipulative activity may play an active role as well… Bitcoin was slightly over $1,000 in March when the tether printing started. Given this baseline, if tether were proven to be fraudulent, the bitcoin decline could still have a while to go. If there is no money backing tether, and the market recognizes that the price support is fake, bitcoin could drop substantially, potentially where it was before or even lower.

  5. As others have mentioned here Dan has no intention of leaving eosio. I think you owe it to your viewers to investigate this further and inform them of the truth. does nearly everything your list is suggesting. Please do more research. EOS, telos, worbli, wax are all already running the same software and will have IBC next year. Many more chains are coming.

  6. solid video like always ! but why does everyone ignore the amount of energy consomption required to get cryptocurrency to where it wants to go ? is it not fair to believe that it might be one of the biggest obstacle in crypto?

  7. With all due respect I think you’re a bit naive in thinking that the SEC has our best interests in mind and is just looking out for the common man, there are many more influences/dynamics at play.. And your content does verge on making predictions such as there is going to be more hurt in this market and that an ETF won’t happen until mid 2019 at best, not saying you are wrong but as you state yourself, none of us have a crystal ball and some of your opinions are starting to sound like “facts”.

    Regardless, I greatly appreciate all that you do and your consistently stellar content.


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