Roger Ver and the team were recently at the CNBC Event in Tokyo entitled “The Future of Money” where Roger Ver was invited to share his experience, ideas and predictions for where Bitcoin Cash is headed.

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  1. this channel is for BCH . not sure why the SV supporters are here bashing BCH. C Wright and his supporters are just liars full of false promises . losers that don't admit defeat is all. if you call SV the real bitcoin then why didn't you fork from bitcoin core?

  2. Roger Ver – it's an article like this that can change the world (see link below). The positivity train will not only boost BCH adoption/value, but all chains that are really trying to make a difference in the world. You're one of a few people in this space that has the stage presence, personality and clout to really bring those projects together. Craig "fake satoshi" Wright will lose the war. He's a destroyer not a builder. No one works harder than you in this industry and this is clear. But in the past I think many have felt it's always been this contentious fighting (not healthy competition) and it's confusing for investors why they'd want to participate in such an ecosystem. You literally have the ability to bring the top projects in the world TOGETHER to form your own public blockchain consortium. Now is the time. Like I said before the IBM's and AMZN's are loving seeing market caps falling, negative sentiment and people's values getting destroyed. If you want public blockchains to win we now have to think bigger than just BCH.

  3. Love the message – Keep up the fight, theres no ceiling to the level of benefit that can be gained from the world embracing crypto currency. Economic freedom for the world…is it even possible to imagine?

  4. Wow I have lost alot of money holding BCH….. but will hold through this storm because Roger is correct, this stuff has the potential to change the world indefinitely… and he is a billionaire

  5. Sad to see what's left of the bcash community still holding the bags as bcash keeps getting lower, and Roger still trying to shill his shitcoin. He is probably unloading his bch everyday. One coin he refuses to get rid of is BTC, he's a scammer but he's not stupid.

  6. Had the man not been a pathological liar and attached BTC …..i might have actually believed his dog and pony show…for example…..why is this coin Bitcoin official channel rather that "Bitcoin Cash official channel…..It goes to show you the BULLSHIT this group are doing….The popularity and price of B-cash is already a reflection on the rest of the crypto world not supporting your lies and deceit.

  7. "Stop crypto by taking down the whole internet" …. hold on.

    Governments could do several things, the easiest would seem to just confiscate mining equipment. Make mining Illegal. Use taxation to fund the purchase of even more miningpower on top of the confiscated mining power and do a 51% attack.

  8. If Roger Ver was not such a pathological liar……one would almost believe that this guy isn't a crook. But the truth is, this guy lies so much that not only has most of his friends abandon him to the SV camp….but he even has to get someone else to call his dog for him..

  9. You should be crying because your coin is going to zero. Worthless, you fucked it all up, lol glad I sold at 500. Your coin was pulled you cant even you bitcoin cash anymore. Your bleeding out…

    Bitcoin cash = your broke as fuck lol

  10. "It doesn't matter what color you are….it doesn't matter what color your passport is….by Monday the BCH you bought at 4 grand will be worth under $100 so let's pour the mulled wine and gather around the fire for a song!…

    I just want you for my own
    More than you could ever know,
    Make my wish come true,
    All I want for Christmas… yoooooooouuuuuuuuu!

    dadida, dadida, dadidada……"

  11. Remember the flippening?
    If we keep going the same direction, soon BSV will be worth more than BCH.

    Whatever version of Bitcoin brings most freedom is the best version.


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