Crypto Winter is here as all news are turning bearish. How long is BTC and cryptos going to be down? Let’s talk about it and discuss what the rich list is doing.

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  1. Looks like the Market Makers simply want to lower the price of BTC to make the price more attractive to institutions/investors. Once the price gets to the desired lowest target, the FOMO will start to kick in and since BTC will be at a lower price, investors will be able to buy more BTC with less dollars. When this happens, could be months, could be within days.

  2. Bitcoin price will rise insanely well soon,Even with the fall in price investments and profits are still being made everyday
    I too lost $3,000 to the fall in price,Watched some of Bitcoin Ben videos and in the comment section of one of the videos i came
    across Pro trader Josephine Raymond,In two weeks i was able to turn my 2BTc to 11 Btc ,You can reach her on to know more about her winning strategies

  3. Feel better. I know you said you don't care for Western medicine, but I had the same thing for a month and then, a few weeks ago, I got a prescription for antibiotics from my doctor and it was cleared up and gone in just a few days.

  4. I firmly believe the regular stock market is going to get nasty within weeks, and when it happens, crypto is going to triple within that same short timeframe. I firmly believe crypto is useful and necessary for the future. The transiiton will take a long time but certain Alt coins will be around for decades.

    You know how we look back at the year 2003 and think, man I should have bought Apple stock or whatever…. in 2030, there is no doubt about it, we will be saying the exact same thing about many Alt coins. IMHO, I think Ada is on that list. Probably Nuls too and many others.

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