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Special Shout To Gandhi Ji:

I uploaded this video on December 3rd, before the launch of P3X. I chose not to publish it because I didn’t want to betray a community that I support so openly. However I wanted the dev to be shown to be the gentleman he is, even in the face of petty antics by a Team Just member and some discord try-hards. Once they banned me, I knew I didn’t delete this for some odd reason. The Team Just Supporting Dev ARitz Cracker baited the developer by starting a conversation calling it a scam even though it is based off of the powh3d hourglass model, pays into the community, and to date has absolutely ZERO known flaws in the code. The dev politely explained himself and was subsequently banned from the discord. To my disappointment, I too was banned later.

I will follow this up with some commentary in my next video. Some interesting comments have been left on my previous video. Please keep inn mind this video was made pre release of P3X. The release of this video is not meant to fud, which is why i didn’t publish it. It could easily be seen that way, even if the concerns I bring up about P3X are more valid than ARitz Crackers Antics about anything but whatever he deems is a scam is just that while providing no proof other than his feelings about being second to a release party.


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  1. Good Morning Saint, Lol I was just about to record my Bitsaway1 reply Video What an Idiot he is, he can't even find the function I questioned him on, ROFL. (Then i saw this notification pop up so that's on hold for a few mins)

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