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LIVE Bitcoin Price

SEC Again Delays Decision on VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF

SEC Official Statement


Bitmain Leak Shows Disastrous Q3 Results

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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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  1. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  2. can you guys not see the plot? VanEck and all these companies are hip to this game. Check the timing! the market crashes again…Vaneck and others are hoarding as panic reigns. THEY ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER THE SEC AND THESE INVESTMENT FIRMS. . It is obvious if Vaneck is going to settle in BTC it is to their advantage to accumulate as the weak hearted sells off

  3. The SEC news confirms what I always thought about Bitcoin. It is a scam. It's supposed to be away from any regulation and authorities but when the ETF delay was given, the price dropped. Bitcoin will go down to 1000$ at least imo. In the very best case, crypto will be regulated and it will become a sort of digital dollar but it will never test it's previous highs.

  4. Weeeeeeeeeeee … looks like a long ride down guys! But soon it'll be time to buy, buy, buy! @ Altcoin Daily: XRP is @ $0.306141 – so it 'might' just hit YOUR magic number that you posted to me last night (and mine too) after all. Moving more funds right now so they'll be ready when everything hits the bottom, whatever the bottom actually is? I reckon we'll all know soon enough. 🙂

  5. Crypto investing is tough quite alright but not as difficult as it may seem if you follow the basic rules and dont love or get emotional with your coins. It is volatile and scary at times as things can fly up and down at extreme rates. If you are not careful, then you risk massive losses. To ensure continous profitability, make sure you learn, be careful and do not listen to stupid things most Crypto traders say on youtube and other forums as they are losts of speculators in the market who tell you xrp is going to moon or btc is at its dip and a reversal is sure and you even lose more money holding on to coins because they said so. The truth from my personal experience is that trading daily is far safer and and more profitable than hodling with so much uncertainty in the market. I have lost over 8 btc value hodling over a span of 1 year and have gained over 13btc in less than 2 months, something i am sure is a daydream for most hodlers. You have to be careful though and be exceptionally good in your T.As, reading the news and understanding the trend perfectly. I would also like to stress it that if you aint 100% sound in these, you should make contact with someone with good experience and trade history to help you through. Someone i would highly recommend is Joseph Civello. His analysis are sound and his trade signals and strategies are some of the best out there to follow. He actually helped me recover my losses and make gains i find hard to believe.

  6. Wait, could the sec delaying and even perhaps disallowing an etf be a direct threat to China's economy? Cuz bitmain is a thing. You think the sec is being weaponized to put more pressure on China?

  7. I think there is one thing missing in the equation and whilst it wouldn't happen immediately it will happen… There is a maximum 21 million bitcoin to be made, it's already over 17 million.. That means there is still approx 4million x 3300 = 13billion in current value of bitcoin to be made, however if the value keeps dropping then the equation becomes easier therefore the bitcoin left to mine become less and less…. Meaning once all coins are mined the miners are meant to make money from transactions but where are all the use cases…. It actually could spiral but one has to believe there is enough people behind it to keep the price high.. But the lower it goes, the easier the algorithm will become and the less available bitcoin there will be to mine… Quite a problem looming!!!

  8. Good content.  But, we need to stop thinking/talking about the SEC.   We didn't need them before, WE DON'T NEED THEM NOW.  All the people selling are 'sheep' and short-term speculators.  All this talk and response about the SEC is such irony.

  9. I can't for the life of me understand how the SEC delay is considered negative today. Number one they already broadcast what they needed weeks ago. That's not in place right now. Number two a delay is if anything a positive. It means we might actually have a shot if these businesses get their act together and develop the required infrastructure.

  10. It was a foregone conclusion that the ETF would be delayed,BAKKT will also be delayed.They are playing the same game as they have done with the precious metals,keeping the prices artificially low.I hope they drop the price as low as possible,time to back up the truck and get a shit load.

  11. Get ready for many more "Wow" moments such as this, as Bitcoin has to go as low as $2000, or even lower than that, before any meaningful rally is even possible. What we have seen is a $2400 drop from 6400 to 4000, then a consolidation, and now comes the next leg down…

  12. Dropping because of corruption. 1 of 4 SEC people in charge is probably honest. The other 3 probably bought off/corrupt because of how much this stuff hurts established businesses. My reasoning, one of the 4 was tweeting how the other 3 were holding back technology and progress.

  13. The central banks don't like crypto. It puts money in our hands, not a bank that can control us by locking up our funds. They want to be in control of our money. At peak, 95% of the crypto market was the smaller investor. Google, FB, Twitter etc, all lied saying they weren't allowing advertising to protect the little guys. We all know we got crushed each time. It's easy to see the level of corruption in the finance markets watching moves by key leadership regarding crypto….

  14. I have turned off most of my miners due to the fact that the drop in BTC and current electrical cost don't make them profitable anymore. Not sure if I will sell my miners or hold on to them to see if there is any type of recovery in the near future.

  15. Honestly I think they are delaying because they don't want to look like idiot's and build something up for nothing. BTC is NOT too big to fail, it really could go to zero and i'm sure these big wig financial world characters know that, which is why they keep pushing things back.

    Its the same with BAKKT, don't expect for a second that BAKKT won't be delayed or even canceled come Jan 24. These guys don't need crypto to make money , they are already filthy rich and control the old system as it is.

    That being said, I still personallyfeel like BTC probably won't fail, but it could, there is a chance it does. Just don't invest more than you are prepared to lose.

    2019 will be another year of pain and sideways trading around whatever level we reach equilibrium at. Prepare for it both financially and especially psychologically.

    This morning I thought to myself, anyone who has the steely reserve to keep buying and holding during this probably 2 year bear market deserves to be rich if this goes back up. This ain't for the fainthearted!

    Thanks for your updates man!

    If you don't

  16. I don't see anyway bitcoin gets a etf in February now. since this market crash.but it doesn't make any difference too me i hope 2019 is a bear market also.and in 2020 the crypto market goes crazy.

  17. Great video.. we are in this Historical moment together.. I just bought some more coints and I left little fiat in case going lower …
    So after August 2018 was year to buy and buy…. 2019 will be…. tome will show….
    Respect …

  18. Glad I didn't quit my mechanic job. I'm continuing to move 1000 every payday to my abra wallet. Generally I buy bitcoin every payday but since this pullback under 6k I've been delaying, waiting for the new bottom, then I'll pull the trigger. Going forward I'll continue to buy. They say buy when the blood is splattering everywhere so this is the time.

    I'm 100% bitcoin but I didn't take profits at the top. I went on vacation and when I got back it had crashed. I sighed with regret, rolled up my sleeves and began buying again. Eventually the price will go back to the all time high. With wall street piling in, and the ETFs that are popping up in other countries, I'm pretty confident that a good deal of money will start flowing in. Patience. Right now bitcoins are flowing from the impatient (and the shorters) to those with more patience.

  19. I’m not worried because I’ve had in my head that we’re heading to 3k so instead of buying in at 4K I saved that money and will put it in at 3k after that I’ll officially have enough crypto to just hold and be rich when it goes back to ATH while adding more on the way up to just for extra profit but I really think 3k is the ultimate bottom and we’re gunna turn bullish early 2019 no worries!

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