A compilation of three Ethereum questions answered by Andreas Antonopoulos.
Ethereum Q&A: Programmable Money, Smart Contracts and DAOs https://youtu.be/_0jxX84mzts
Ethereum Q&A: Does Ethereum compete against Bitcoin? https://youtu.be/LK0Q3CTUFDQ
Ethereum Q&A: Can Bitcoin & Ethereum work together? – The Synergistic Partnership https://youtu.be/5IWPyrnnkZc
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Please watch: “Turn-key Smart Contracts | Matt Swezey”


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  1. I swear to god, i don't remember ever watching any other person when its this situation:

    – Ha, I'm sure I heard it all…
    after video Wtf, thats amazing, I've never thought of that before!

  2. In general I found his answers to be quite unsatisfying. The supposed safety argument of keeping Bitcoin rather than Ether as the value-carrying cryptocurrency makes things unnecessarily complicated and achieves the exact opposite by making things less safe. And the hashrate thing is matter of time, if miners switch to the coin most profitable (price + reward rate) Bitcoin will soon be less safer. Oh well.

  3. People in crypto take everything at face value and as true. The Hype of thinking that they are part of the new cool ”Disruptive internet like revolution” has blinded everyone. Crypto people are Hypnotized by greed and a utopian future (I was one of them) .
    This cool Vitalik guy, is in the best place to be for a business owner. Making millions of "dollars" with not a single legal responsibility (no critic here).  He looks honest to me and very smart when talking computer algorithms. But economy is much, much, more than that. This kid has no experience at all in many economic and social subjects.
    I invite you leave the crypto space for a while and come back to earth for a moment to meditate:
    Decentralized means "orbiting around the earth with no connection”. Maybe great for bitcoin. But a crypto world that lives in space. No matter how hard governments try it would be IMPOSSIBLE to regulate. It is doomed to stay there orbiting into oblivion with no connection to real life whatsoever.  The crypto world today is nothing more than an outer space “Las Vegas", it has quit its connections to earth. My idea of Utopic economic world does not include, being ruled by some “Rigid blockchain dumb smart contract”) The only Government regulation that crypto world can have is at the “Spaceports” Airports that take you in and out of crypto space but nothing more.Think Coinbase Poloniex, Gemini, Fully Decentralize = no country = no rules = no contracts = no warranty.  Bitcoin will always be measure in real world ruled imperfect money.

    I don't want to have the last word, we need to investigate deeply, we need more skepticism, in this hyped world, so when you hear about some regulation news, are governments regulating the creation of Dapps or Applications in the Ethereum network? Or making Dapps creators responsible for token hacks, or are governments regulating the creation of Dollar Peg cryptos? (the biggest scam ever, and for me the most un-legit way to buy and manipulate bitcoins).
    Or are this news about regulation just talking of more security in the "airports to crypto world” more KYC screening? or maybe about prohibiting mining in china.

    This crypto no rules utopia would be awesome if humans are totally honest and the governments are the only corrupted ones, but let's face it, corruption and scams are all over the Utopic crypto world, because we are humans and need to be ruled by laws.
    I think Blockchain will succeed as private responsible regulated forms of corporate tools, tailored made for each company, and with no "token sales”, this private blockchain would then interconnect Global free kind of protocol based in Earth. Not in crypto-space protocols like Ethereum, EOS, or NEO where we have our tokens ready to “moon” or to “Lambo”. In the real blockchain future there will be rules, clear limits and responsibilities of each participant's private blockchain.
    PD: Can someone deepen the investigation of "Stable coins” and how this ICO’s are creating crypto dollars out of thin air (to complex to understand and no regulation whatsoever algorithms), to buy Bitcoins, and in the process contaminating the price. I buy my Polemic Backed by nothing Bitcoins selling my dollars, some people buy bitcoins inventing dollars?

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