Today I sat down with Olayinka Odeniran for an interview to learn more about her contributions on blockchain and her path in the crypto space. 

She is an experienced Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President for a global corporate governance firm, and a Cybersecurity Specialist with background in management and policy. She possesses extensive experience in the areas of investment company, investment advisory firms, asset management, hedge fund, cybersecurity and training. She is an industry leader at developing, implementing, and maintaining a strong compliance culture while meeting the most rigorous standards of internal/external auditors and regulators.


Hi Olayinka! To get us started, please tell us a little bit about yourself, your career path and what led you to involved in blockchain? What sparked your interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

Can we talk about cyber security and blockchain? And latest hacks into crypto exchanges?

What are the top security mistakes that blockchain projects are making right now? 

How can we get the security awareness mindset in crypto?

What are the risks as a consumer in crypto space?

You are community manager for Women in Blockchain International Group. Can you please mention a little bit about what you are doing?

What’s it like being a woman in the crypto and blockchain world?

What are the challenges for you to overcome as female in a male dominated industry?

Only 5% to 7% of all cryptocurrency holders are women. Why do you think it’s so incredibly male-dominated?


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