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  1. Hey, Travis 😊 By way of introduction, I found you on YouTube a couple/few years ago while listening to Abe YouTubes. I found your and Haley’s adventures in exploring Law of Attraction, manifesting in general, and desiring and manifesting home spaces, in particular, very inspiring. Reading/hearing your words and knowing there are others who REALLY get this…and are still “developing” in their practices of focusing, allowing, etc. has also been inspiring…even though I’m still wobbling 😅 more than I’d like to be. Sooo thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences 🙏

    Love your new logo…simple, clean lines, clear, and a warm golden color, (although you said orange, it appears more yellow/orange on my screen)…same goes for your YouTube channel page and your office space, simple, clean/clarity, expansive.

    In the last year, I heard about bitcoin, watched a documentary about it’s history on Netflix, watched Tai Lopez talk some about it, read a couple of articles, heard someone I know say they heard the block-chain technology was the big gem developing out of all this. I did get overwhelmed but am still interested, so I look forward to any simple steps and understanding you might share, acknowledging that you are not a “financial expert/advisor,” and we’re each w-holy ☺️ responsible for our creation of our reality. That having been said…it would be helpful if you were live at a specific time, so I could schedule that time to attend and chat questions and thoughts with you and the other attendees. And although I’m looking for work currently and don’t have $100, thanks for the $10 link 🙂

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