Arthur Hayes, Bitmex founder and CEO, joins the ‘Fast Money’ traders to make his case that a bitcoin peak is to come.


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  1. Its the whales trying to get in and get out, trying to gather all the bitcoin. Sorry to say foreign governments banning crypto was the first big loss secondary losses are the exchanges made off with a lot due to so many trades. the pot has been shrinking.

  2. These money guys need to stick to money and leave Tech alone. They keep saying Ethereum is going to be the platform for smart contracts lol… Cardano will swallow ethereum alive. And there are a slew of other platforms. Stellar, Tron, NEO that are in the shadows. Please guys, stick to the money, leave the tech alone

  3. French Riviera, yacht, Hamptons? What an idiot… like traders don’t have a cellphone on them and check their investments while on vacation? Yeah right. When I am on vacation I trade just as much if not even more. And sorry buddy, $5K will not be seen.

  4. When its down he's says it going 50k, when its moving up he says new lows coming…….I think you should believe everything this dude says and do the opposite…..;)

  5. Everyone knows the banks are manipulating Bitcoin. They are pumping and dumping it trying to cause pain for investors. This is a long term market now and not for flip term investors. It's us vs the banks.

  6. he said that we will reach 5k after reaching 9-10k because people will go short at 10k and it will never go to 5k and all the people that went short and listened to him will get liquidated

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