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All the latest bitcoin news presented this week by Roger Ver, CEO of, David Oh of Bletchley Advisors, 이익순 Alvin Lee CEO of and 박규원 David Park Business Development Team Manager

This episode showcases the launch of the decentralized exchange Allbit which uses ER20 an Ethereum side chain. Should they add a Bitcoin Cash sidechain? Roger talks all the latest bitcoin cash news including introducing the Billionaire Michael Novogratz to Bitcoin Cash, The BCH boys challenging Tone Vays, Haipo Yang from CoinEx offers a bounty for a BCH token solution & More.

To learn more about Allbit, a newly launched decentralized exchange visit they are a partner of one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. They will go live on Monday 23rd July.

Full show notes below.

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Show Notes

► Ledger Wallet finally updated default BCH fees to 1 sat/byte

► The BCH Boys – a Bitcoin Cash podcast are calling out ToneVays for charity.

Check out

►Sterlin Lujan (Communication Ambassador for on twitter:

►Joey King ( – Developer) responds to the lie that Bitcoin Cash is Keynesian and explains why Bitcoin Cash is hard money, and Bitcoin Core is not.

►News from the Tokyo Bitcoin Cash meetup:

July 25th – Two Dogs Taproom in Roppogni is releasing the first original Bitcoin Cash Beer called “Satoshi’s Vision IPA”.

August 1st – Bitcoin Cash independence day party at Rakan, dancing, entertainment, booths and shops, and of course drinks and Bitcoin Cash discussion.

Join the meetup:

► Bitcoin Cash has been added to Google search results.

► New BCH Game called – you’ll see it’s using the BCH PLS sticker and the B!

Visit to play. Inspired by the old arcade game.

► Top posts last week – how does Novogratz feel about Bitcoin Cash? Follow Michael Novogratz on twitter:

► Ross Ulbricht joined twitter and sent his first tweet:

Support Ross by signing the petition:

► Haipo Yang CEO of CoinEx and ViaBTC – Reward set aside for first token solution on Bitcoin Cash:

Follow him on Twitter:

► Reddit /r/btc – the uncensored Bitcoin sub – hits 210,000 subscribers.


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  1. everyone hates on roger, but when i see videos like these i really do see that he actually wants it to be money for everyone. Not for digital gold like on core which will be hodl'd by the rich

  2. Love all the innovations in this community and I couldn’t argue most about the Russ Ulbricht case very bad form of justice for a truly innocent person . But all love emerging decentralized exchanges. Like Vitalik says all centralized exchanges can burn in hell 😬

  3. With the team, not only do they spread the good word about Bitcoin Cash they also listen to the community, give free Bitcoin Cash, they also care about freedom of speech & the unfair treatment of Ross Ulbricht ..Kudos

  4. You used to promise flippening all the time before, so how did it go?
    Last time i've checked, it's been a year since this scam shitcoin bcash was forked, and the price is still 0.1 of BTC.
    And it's that high ONLY because of a stolen name, in this year larger block size and unconfirmed transactions are two biggest bcash improvements 🙂

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