Daily Voice News – Economic Collapse
Gerald Celente – TREND ALERT Buy Bitcoin, Bye, Bye Gold?

Gerald Celente – The End Of Gold And Rise OF Bitcoin is a Reality – Gold vs Bitcoin


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  1. As much as I like Gerald.. and I do think he is great.. I can learn more about the real world on the X22 report everyday. There is so much going on behind it all and it has "NOTHING" to do with Trump.

    As Trump works for the patriots.. the White Hats who put him in office he could be off somewhere enjoying his life.
    The truth.. Trump loves his Country.. He knew you either drive these Satanist out of office or watch them destroy the planet and enslave the rest of us. Trump took the call.. I mean who needs this BS..

    "THEY".. The White Hats.. The Chinese Families the WDS .. along with the Christian Russians and others are bringing the system down. It CANNOT function as is..

    Gerarld.. You need to do a little less with the Trump bashing.. It makes you look bias unless it is part of the plan.
    Is he perfect? Are any of us? See it for what it is. The system must be brought down. Whose gonna do it?

    Blend some what Trump is trying to do against a mountain of Deep State evil BS to reveal what is going on..
    As a sidebar that New Yorker cover of a dead Trump was Satanic symbolism. Pure evil stuff..

    Thanks for what you do.. Keep up the good work..

  2. Say hello to another fiat currency. Woopty doo.. If the people of this world haven't learned the lessons of using fiat, then it appears they never will. It is truly disheartening to watch people make the same mistakes over and over and over. Why would anyone trade worthless paper for worthless digits on a computer? This will spell the end of liberty, property, voluntarism and individualism.

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