1. I’ve always viewed P3d as my savings account that pays me dividends. If a lot of people looked at it that way they wouldn’t sell when they see a pump or dump. Great video man.

  2. Oh no, let’s hope Roberto heed your advice. Yep, exercise helps, I just finished some weightlifting and now I’m in the park for my regular hour long walks. A ‘friend’ of my mom gave me a pull on a spliff when I was about 9 years old 🤨, I never liked it and 3 decades later I’ve never tried it again. It’s sad to say but women are my vice. Oh, I love them so and it saddens me that I don’t want to stop.

  3. Big fan and really love your overall attitude towards things. Some people that know how to trade did very well in the p3d-fomo explosion, and how sweet it was! I'm very happy with how hard I was able to catch it, but you said some great things in the vid and I hope you dont treat it different than you would a solid investment strategy. I pulled out big, because I cant not go with my gut and think it will correct some of the whole market is still chilln. Remember this one was nice and was I'd say 9-11x rise, but trust me when I say..Vechain is going to beat that rise by the end of this year:) So my play was to win big from p3d, then scoop up Ven at these prices to stack on my xnode. Gonna be an awesome time to watch everything, and I wish us all the correct plays:)

  4. Happy second birthday 😂 I feel very happy to be involved in something that has whales in it like you. We need more positive people at the top in this world, I now believe we will succeed in having good people at the top.

  5. Love to hear your voice with lot of good emotional movement. Good strategy of life and you have already achieved it.God bless you always for wonderful opinion. LIFE IS SHORT and P3D/F3D may do it SWEET for ever. Thanks lot.

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