Some positive moves that the Litecoin community is excited about, no doubt Charlie Lee putting in some work there. South Korea also possibly being seen as the catalyst for a Q4 2018 crypto bull run explosion. And Kim Kardashian exposing her 100 million + audience to Bitcoin! Links to referenced articles:

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  1. Of course I want the ETF to happen, but I think too many people are pinning far too much on it. I think the key to this whole space is being open minded to all possibilities. Like wise, if the ETF doesn't happen it shouldn't be treated like the end of the world.

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  3. First order of business, report all the scam comments. Now that that's done, I cam say this is a great video, thanks for the updates. There is a lot going on in the crypto world right now. Those of us who are holding and accumulating now will be very happy in a few years!

  4. I might have a good idea on what my next phone will be, but it'll be a few years before I get a new phone because they're expensive these days. Funny take on Kim Kardashian.

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