Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH): A Cryptocurrency Comparison

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the biggest Bitcoin fork to date

Bitcoin Cash likely represents the most popular split to happen on the Bitcoin blockchain.

But the differences between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin can be incredibly confusing.

Lets take a look back at how the two compare.

The first major point of difference between Bitcoin and its Bitcoin Cash is the price.

For Bitcoin the objective value comes from the ability of the network to remain completely decentralized.

As a result of this consistence in philosophy, Bitcoin is likely the most secure and attack-resistant cryptocurrency anywhere on the market.

Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, took an effort to increase the productivity of the system.

Having increased the block size from 1 megabyte to 8 megabytes, the Bitcoin Cash network can process transactions significantly faster than Bitcoin can.

This, of course, has its problems as general concern regarding the safety and security of the improved BCH system

The price of Bitcoin Cash remains significantly lower than that of Bitcoin, right now hovering at around $800


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  1. This video didn't really give any good explanation about differences between Bitcoin Core BTC and Bitcoin Cash BCH, price is not a difference in any technical terms, only true thing is that it makes it more secure because higher fiat price attracts more mining power, which is what makes the blockchain secure. Other than that, Bitcoin Core differs in many other ways, it is artificially limited with 1MB blocks, Bitcoin Core developers and Blockstream corporation they work for, created SegWit fork, which did not have consensus initially and had to be added using tricks (SegWit2x), Bitcoin Cash has 32MB blocks in comparison and much higher network throughput. Bitcoin Cash has also already been tested with 1GB blocks which can provide more than 3x the transaction capacity then Visa network, and that is pretty big. The OP_Codes that used to be part of original Bitcoin BTC blockchain (one before the fork on 1st August 2017) had these, but they were removed in BTC by Blockstream, these removed ability to create smart contracts, which is why Ethereum was created, if Blockstream did not remove these OP_Codes, Vitalik could have and would have created platform for many ICO's using BTC blockchain and there would be no need for Ethereum.

    Bitcoin Core also added RBF- Remove by Fee, "feature" which coupled with small blocks, when network congestion happens, which happened in Nov/Dec 2017, forces people to fight for block space, and pay much higher fees, which destroyed usability of Bitcoin in BTC and user experience with it, and this is the only reason why Bitcoin Cash was created, it was created to preserve the Bitcoin system the way it was, and remove centralised decision making created by Blockstream and Bitcoin Core developers who work for them.

    I explain this and many other things in my videos, I suggest to anyone that is not aware of these things, to feel free to visit my channel. if you want to be in crypto, you need to know these things, otherwise there is good chance you will be fooled by propaganda created by Blockstream… did I mention they are funded by bankers? Oh yes… if you didn't know this either, you really need to watch my videos… happy learning (I don't talk about price or technical analysts, traders do this, I explain reasons behind Bitcoin system, how it works (without going too much into technical things and coding) I explain its working principles, and I think everyone should know these fundamentals.

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