Episode 2 of “Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency for your Business” covers why you should care about Bitcoin/Blockchain technology, myths/misconceptions around Blockchain, Crypto/Bitcoin trading strategies used by professionals, and ETF’s and Bitcoin Stocks and what’s being implemented to improve mainstream adoption. Please leave any comments below!

In this highly-informative Audio series, I discuss Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and the growing technical, economic and political revolution taking place throughout the business and political world due to these technical innovations, which some are describing as the fourth industrial revolution.

Please Note: This video is the raw audio book dictation for my upcoming book ‘Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Business’. If you enjoyed the audio recording I suggest purchasing a copy of the book available from Amazon.com here:

My focus is a practical understanding of a complex topic for a business professional who is interested to learn more about this topic with very little previous experience of bitcoin, while also discussing the most up-to-date research and developments currently being implemented by professionals in this industry.

I discuss Cryptocurrency and bitcoin projects with real-life case studies and currently active coins.

Included in this discussion is Blockchain, and future businesses and how current practices will be disrupted by the ‘Triple Ledger Accounting’ revolution.

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  1. Hey Mr Blockchain Engineer, I keep getting an error message I try to run gekko in paper trade it always says error SQLITE_BUSY. I finally got the neural net strategy giving me good returns but for some reason I get the sqlite_busy error or it says database locked. Have you had this problem? Any ideas what it might be? Thanks

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