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After a week of selling, Bitcoin is finding support at a key retracement level. I’m looking for some follow-through but more importantly, some key support levels to hold. The Alts have continued to get beat up but we’re seeing some attempts at a bottom. Is it time to buy altcoins again?

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  1. Node correct me if I'm wrong with BTC on the daily we formed a triple bottom reversal with positive divergence on the RSI. A breakout above 10K will solidify the pattern for a bull run. I feel August BTC will break above 10K and after that could climb quickly to 15K+ with a minor correction for altcoin rally in September.

  2. If you add the 13 and 48 ema it works great with the cloud. Ideally, we want to see the candles over the kinjun first, 48, tenkan and 13 to know we're clearly in an uptrend. On the daily all, I've laid out is the exact opposite and clearly a downtrend. Can this reverse, sure? Has a ton of resistance. 7130 is clear support. We break that and it's game over for now. If we go back to test 6k it will fail and we'll go sub 6k.

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  4. I'm ready for capitulation!!! Sub $5K btc and the top 100 coins having market caps of around $30M (near the bottom of the page)!!!
    We will be able to buy that much more coinage for the next bull run! Why is everyone in a rush for a bull market now? It makes no sense – have fewer coins… uh?
    No! I want to be able to buy at a deep discount.

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