This video goes over Bitcoins recent price action and what it means.
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  1. Its always hard to accept bear predictions like yours at 2500. Everything is possible but my sentiment prediction tells me that Bitcoin will pass 20k before the end of the year. Can you/we even try to correlate TA and psycologie/sentiment? Thanks for your video. Cheers.

  2. The tension gets noticeably bigger… If we don't touch 6800 and then break through 8500, I'll be bullish. The negative sentiment would underline that. To avoid bullish signals btc has to fall quickly.

  3. Great points Kevin, a lot of reaching with the "indicators" many point out. I like DataDash but whenever he says "healthy market movement", "double bottom" ex. they rarely correlate to the price. Volume and weekly candles are really all you need, and they don't look great. However, crypto is hugely manipulated and I wouldn't be shocked if the short to medium price action is positive.

    Lastly if people think that a six billion dollar (EOS) DApp platform (very few DApps, that no one is using) isn't hugely overvalued than I feel bad for them, this market could still go waaaaaaay down, we really haven't seen a real crash yet.

  4. Still waiting for this bear market to end. Each of these fakeouts results in a lower high, but permabulls are the masters of denial everytime they post in chats and comment sections. You'd think we were mooning the whole time if you didn't know any better.

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